Friday, July 2, 2010

Another good blog post (not written by me)


Man, people were sharing good stuff on FB last night.

I absolutely love the following post:

On Wealth and Privilege (and being a stay at home mom)

Glenn and I were actually just talking about this the other day. People often say I'm "so lucky" to get to stay-at-home. You know what, I am. But it's not because we're well off or Glenn makes so much money that we aren't totally struggling to make ends meet right now. It's because we've chosen that we want to be the ones to raise our children, teach them, and guide them. And I'm not saying everyone doesn't want that so don't get all put off. But it's not easy. We sacrifice a lot for me to stay at home. Glenn has been working seven days a week lately and he routinely works six day weeks. We've cut back and cut back and find that we need to even more. But, it's a choice we made. I don't regret it for a minute.

Unlike the author linked above, we won't home school and I will likely go back to work part time once both the kiddos are in school. Then maybe things can open up for us financially. And by open up I mean we might actually be able to save something or not live paycheck to paycheck. But we make do because that was the choice we made when we first decided to have children.

Great post JoniRae -- I couldn't have said it better.


  1. Right there with ya!!! Including the hubby working 7 days a week. Although mine works from home so it's a little different. I'll be homeschooling in a couple years...

  2. I know what you mean too! Even though I'm working now, we sacrificed a lot for me to stay home the 2 years I did.

    Although... some people really do have a lot of money and its just not big deal for the momma to stay home. Maybe its 'cause I'm poor, but I have a hard time not being negative/jealous mentally about those people... LOL


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