Monday, June 23, 2008


Sigh. Nothing reminds me of how woefully inadequate my diet has been lately as trying to feed Beans off my plate. She loves to be eating what I am eating, but its hard when I've been eating crap lately. I long to have the time to make a nice dinner and have the three of us sit down as a family at night together. I really want that time together for us. It sounds silly, but I think its important. At least its important to me. To have a dinner planned out that the three of us can eat. Not cereal (my husband's latest dinner fad) or take out. I know things have been stressful and abnormal around here with the renovations we have going on. Things will get better and back to normal. Things already are.

Bean's birthday party is this week. The family is coming in town starting tomorrow. I always get a little stressed being around the fam, but I am so excited about her birthday. I really can't believe she is going to be one! At times it feels like it was just yesterday that I was big and preggo, or that she was a tiny lil' one who slept all day long. Other times it seems like it was ages ago.

We went on a little hike (honestly more of a walk) on Father's Day. Beans loved the Kelty backpack carrier. As soon as we put her up in it she was laughing and smiling and screeching in delight. Then, after walking for a short while, she sacked out and slept in it. I can't wait to get outdoors more with her. I've been seriously slacking on the walking, but the weather is supposed to be nice this week so I really want to get out more. I can't wait to take her camping and hiking and etc. I think it would be so much fun as a kid to sit out under the stars, roast hotdogs (kosher only please) and marshmallows, and tromp through the woods. I never had that experience as a kid, but it sure is fun as an adult!! Hoping she loves it too.

Alright, I've been meaning to blog here and there for awhile so I'll try to get regular with it again. The computer is in a less than optimal location now as we are working on getting the house ready and need to get the laptop fixed. Things really are coming along though. I feel like I am in a better place, I've got a better routine started, and the light at the end of the remodel tunnel is visible. Yahoo!

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