Monday, November 30, 2009


Hey, that's a pretty good percentage for NaBloWriMo, right?

I'm excited to say I only missed 2 days of blogging this past month. I set out to do something and I (almost) did it. Way better than my previous attempts at the same challenge.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my somewhat boring life. I think I attracted some new readers & hope that my loyal (you know, the like 6 of you) readers enjoyed my increased blogging. I know I found some new blogs that I just love to read now & for that I am grateful. Always fun to find new blogs to read :)

Beanie is being such a sweetheart today. I've been coughing so hard that my eyes tear up. Silly kiddo brings me a tissue and wipes my eyes each time. Gosh, I love her.

I slept a little better last night and, I'm happy to say, Beanie did too. She woke up once calling for me and I went in the room and laid down with her for a little bit. Poor kid, each time I coughed as she was falling asleep she said "Mama, you scared me!" So, luckily (for both of us) she fell back asleep pretty quickly and I went back into the bedroom where I could keep Glenn up (but hopefully not scare him) with my coughing.

I woke up around 7 and saw there was a light on. I thought it was the light from down the hall (because often Glenn leaves a light on while he's trying to balance coffee, breakfast, lunch, and car keys as he goes out the front door at 2am) and turned back over to sleep a little more. It was then I realized that the light was coming from across the hall in Beanie's room. Silly girl had woken up and turned on the light and was just walking around her room. I asked her what she was doing and she said "I don't know," so I don't really know either. I don't think she'd been up that long though. I told her that when she woke up she could come and get Mommy out of Mommy's room because that's what big girls do (well, really big girls could make a bowl of cereal and play a little while Mommy slept in, but I don't think we're at that stage yet LOL).

So, another good night!

I still feel pretty crappy and hope that this sickness passes soon. I don't like this coughing, I'm scaring Beanie, keeping Glenn awake at night and I'm sure Baby 2.0 isn't too jazzed about being jostled around all day either.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still sick.

So, no surprise, but I don't really feel like blogging tonight. But, I do want to finish off NaBloWriMo with only two misses so this'll be short and sweet.

I didn't sleep last night. At all. Apparently Sudafed & Robitussin have nothing on this cold. I did, however, sleep off and on most of the day. I got up a couple times to eat, but mostly slept until about 2:oo this afternoon.

And I've really, really wanted some Gatorade. See, I'm drinking about half as much fluid as I usually do and I can tell that isn't helping anything. So, when Glenn and Beanie headed out to the store to pick up some dinner stuff I asked him to get some Gatorade too.

He forgot. And I bawled my eyes out for like twenty minutes. And then he went to the store (again) to get me some Gatorade. I love my hubby.

Feeling a little better this evening, but I'm not holding out much hope for sleep tonight. Seems like as soon as I lay down on the bed I am congested as all get out and unable to rest for anything. We'll see though.

On the upside, one of us did get sleep last night. I put Beanie down for bed just after 8 last night and snuck out of her room around 8:30. She slept in her bed by herself without waking and calling for mommy until 6:45 this morning. And, I will admit that at about 6:15 I poked around in her bedroom to make sure she was really sleeping and not, I don't know, suffering or something. Gosh, I'm hoping this is a small victory on our way to independent sleep. We'll see how it goes tonight. Lord knows it's a good thing she slept by herself last night because no one was getting any sleep with me!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm sick.


Like the kind of sick where you can't sleep because you can't breathe AT ALL. And my throat is on fire. And water tastes disgusting. I'm not hungry. I could sleep for at least 23 of the 24 hours of the day.

Oh, and remember I'm pregnant?

Yea, this sucks.

I broke down and took some Sudafed before I laid down with Beanie for her nap. I was out. Until I started coughing and woke up actually feeling hungry.

Chicken noodle soup it is. Oh, and pumpkin pie with Cool Whip. You know, for the baby.

I think it'll be Sudafed and Robitussin before bed. I hate taking meds when I'm pregnant, not because I think they're going to harm the baby but, I don't know, just because. I don't really have a good reason. I don't usually take too many cold medications, so why buck the trend while pregnant?

So, waaah. I hope I feel better tomorrow!

Friday, November 27, 2009

And so it begins.

The next four months of telling my mother-in-law "NO!!!"

Apparently yesterday during the Thanksgiving courtesy call the as-of-yet-planned spring visit by my inlaws was discussed with Glenn. You see, they're planning on doing the two-for-one trip next spring and seeing Baby 2.0 and my brother-in-law's new daughter as well. I've said it before, but I'm much more in favor of the one-for-one trip which would include a trip up here next month to visit the new granddaughter and no springtime trip to visit Baby 2.0.

Well, apparently yesterday mother-in-law asked Glenn is there was somewhere they could stay here. And, if you're thinking "Yea, a Best Western" you're on the same wavelength as I am. But, you see, by "here" she meant here, as in in our home. To which Glenn replied that there was if she could get Beanie to share her bed. Mother-in-law laughed and said, "Well, is there?" You see, my mother-in-law isn't the best at taking hints. I can think of about a bazillion-and-one reasons my inlaws shouldn't (and I should add couldn't and WON'T) be staying here, but first and foremost is the fact that my mother-in-law drives me bat shit crazy.

I love ya, Glenn's mama, but I love you even more now that you're living all the way across the country.

You see, my mother-in-law has no concept whatsoever of personal space. Like ever. Like even when she's staying at a hotel across town. Like somehow she manages to invade my personal space living all the way across the country. I cannot imagine what it would be like it she were staying here. I think it would entail Beanie, Baby 2.0 and I going to a hotel.

And a huge hurdle is the fact that we don't have a spare bedroom. Or, as Glenn so kindly pointed out we do. But it's called the playroom and is full of toys! And no bed. So, I think I win. It's not a bedroom and isn't functional as one at all.

And the fact of the matter is I don't want anyone coming to town until a month or so after Baby 2.0's due date. By that time I am hoping that we'll sort of be settled into life as a family of four and that Beanie will be (somewhat) adjusted to having her baby brother in the house all day every day. And I don't really want to mess up with my hopefully somewhat harmonious routine by having people stay with us. Especially my personal space invading mother-in-law.

Plus, let's not forget that I'm a pretty hormonal chick. Add in being pregnant or post-partum and I'm kinda (admittedly) nutballs sometimes. Add in trying to have my daughter adjust to being a big sister and having to share mommy and daddy and I'm pretty sure the first few months are going to be relatively difficult. And I'm pretty much a stress case around any and all family so I'd just rather not add that into my already super hormonal equation.

So, the answer is no. Glenn and I have always agreed on this. No one stays with us. My sister-in-law did for a couple days over the summer and, while it went relatively well, it only cemented the fact in my mind that I HATE sharing my space.

But, the problem is, Glenn feels like he's going to piss someone off either way. I told him I am more than happy to be the "bad guy" and let his mom know that there isn't a chance they are staying with us. Okay, I'd do it with a little more tact, but you get the picture. It isn't happening.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I'm trying not to stress about whether or not the house is spotless and dinner is perfect...I'm trying to remember to be thankful that I have a healthy, happy family & a baby boy on the way. It's the important things that matter, right?

And, my mom isn't coming over for dinner so if there's a little dust bunny in the corner I'm sure no one will say anything.

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My back sliding glass window that is.

Sigh. Beanie was sitting down eating her grilled cheese sandwich and I was in the kitchen doing some quick chores after I had finished mine. All of the sudden I hear a huge thud and whip around to see the rear sliding glass door is completely shattered. I say to Glenn, "I don't know what the hell just happened but you need to get over here right now."

I grab Beanie from her chair and take her away from the window because my first thought was that someone was shooting their bb gun and one got our window. Glenn is convinced it was a bird. I don't know...there isn't a dead bird on the deck and to do that kind of damage I imagine the damn bird would at least be knocked the heck out for a few minutes.

Now there's a pile of glass on my deck (luckily it's a double paned so the inside is fine) and we have to shell out money for a new pane of glass.

So, what do you think? Bird or bb? Random shattering glass? I don't know, but it sure was weird.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another one bites the dust.

I wonder how many people start out National Blog Posting Month eagerly and ambitiously and then peeter out at the end of the month?

Honestly, I hated missing blogging on Sunday. I thought about it, like how I should write something. But, you know what, I really didn't have anything to say and never got around to it. Missing day two was even easier. Like, what the heck? I already missed Sunday!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Derailed by a Migraine.

Or should I say almost.

I'm aware this barely counts as a blog post, but I've had a migraine off and on all day and if I stare at this screen for more than a few minutes it will be back with a vengeance. Tylenol just isn't cutting it. Caffeine didn't help. I just exercised a little and took a hot shower and I'm hoping a good night's rest will do the trick.

I hope so. Otherwise I'm going to be a very unhappy camper at work tomorrow.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Its Written in my Head.

You know, all day I've been thinking about a certain topic I want to write about, basically writing the blog in my head. And, here it is, 5:30 in the evening and I just don't have the oomph to get it out the way I really want to. So, it'll have to wait. I wanted to write about something pretty important to me, not my usual rambling ladida and I just don't have the time or energy to put into it right now.

We shopped for Turkey Day yesterday. I'm so excited; I can't wait! After working in the grocery industry for 14+ years, I've learned that it is smart to shop early. Plus, those insane holiday crowds and cranky shoppers just don't do it for me. I get a bit claustrophobic. I hate it. So, we shopped for most everything non-perishable yesterday and just have a few last minute things to pick up.

Now I just have to clean the house and get everything else ready. Glenn does most of the cooking...well, he does the turkey and we decided to do "easy" sides this year so it should be fun. I am on the hunt for a good sweet potato recipe. I have a few friends who have shared recipes so I'm sure I'll try one of those. I just love sweet potatoes and (usually) Beanie does too.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My mind overfloweth.

So, are you ready? I have so much on my mind that this just may turn into a very long Blog Fart Thursday. Although all morning I've been thinking it's Monday. The whole working on Wednesday thing totally threw me off!


Beanie and I just got done cleaning the living room. She has so much fun it should inspire me to do it more often. If there's one thing I've really been slacking on it's been keeping up on cleaning the house. I don't know why, but I have such a hard time getting into a routine with it. I am so much happier when it is clean though, so I really need to figure out a system. I like the idea of the "clean one room a day thing" but it has never really materialized. I feel like I can never get caught up enough to start. But, I'm working on it. And right now our living room is beautiful! Beanie has so much fun using the Swiffer duster. And she likes helping vacuum too. She laughs and giggles and runs away from it. So, we really should make cleaning more of a regular activity. Heck, it needs to be done and, who knew, to a 2 1/2 year old it is a ton of fun!


Glenn and I were talking about breastfeeding the other day. Its a big worry of mine. Not because I don't know what I'm doing (I think we're well practiced in that area), but because I remember how time consuming it is breastfeeding a newborn and then I think that I'll also have an almost three-year-old on my hands. I really think its very important to nurse on demand for quite a long while and I so want it to work out as well with 2.0 as it did with Beanie. At the same time, I worry about what Beanie will do to occupy her time while I'm spending time nursing 2.0. I mean, for the first month or so basically all you do is nurse the baby! I'm really glad that (hopefully) Glenn will be able to take a few weeks off work and be home with us. With Beanie he only had the night off that we were in the hospital and then he was back to work. This time around I think it will be very important for him to be home. I think he's starting to get that too.

And, on a related note, I'd really like him to have the time off because we don't have much family around in the area. I'm sure my dad and stepmom will come by. In all honesty, they were quite helpful last time with things and gave us our space too. My mom and stepdad will (maybe) be able to come into town in May, but that is still a bit up in the air. I'm sure my mother-in-law would like to be in the delivery room (I won't even go into the discussion we had to have about that with Beanie), but, in reality, I would just as much prefer if she didn't come into town. She has no concept of personal space and would just be too hands on I'm sure. Since my mom is planning on being here in May, I plan to tell her that she can come in May or later if she'd like. Let's face it, if Glenn is off for the month of April, May is going to be when I'll need some help. Actually, I'd rather she just come in December when my brother-in-law & his girl friend have their first child and skip the whole coming in May thing (I think the whole "we'll just come later and see both" is a bunch of crap), but it's not my decision to make.

So, anyway, back to breastfeeding...if you have any tips on how to entertain a toddler while breastfeeding a newborn they are much appreciated!


I'm getting really excited for Thanksgiving. It's going to be a small event this year, but I'm still excited. I made this delicious stuffing a few years ago and am trying to decide whether we should make it again. Since its sort of up in the air who will be here (my brother in law & his girlfriend very well may be having a baby!) and my sister doesn't eat turkey (I'm going to start calling you a turkeytarian Sissy!) we'll keep the menu fairly small and simple. But, how on earth do you keep Thanksgiving dinner small & simple? I mean there's the turkey...and sweet potatoes...and stuffing...and egg stuffing (delicious, trust me, although the first Thanksgiving I ate with my future inlaws I thought they were all crazy!)...and mashed potatoes...and rolls....and veggies...and cranberry sauce. And dessert, you can't forget dessert! All of the sudden its not feeling so small and simple anymore.

Heh, I'm hungry already!


I'm letting the fact that I have an anterior placenta get to me. Not get to me too much, because the doctor didn't mention it so I assume she must not be too worried, but get to me just because I also worry if its low-lying. Like I said, I'm sure the doctor or ultrasound tech would have mentioned something or looked at it in more detail if it was problematic, so I'm trying not to think about it too much. I'll just have to remember to ask about it at my next appointment.


I really need to buck up and get Beanie on to sleeping independently. She does well some nights; the other night she slept until almost 5 before waking up for Mommy. Other nights it's more like midnight. Beanie and I aren't going to fit on a twin bed together much longer and it is really starting to hurt my hips to sleep without a body pillow. And, for sure, Beanie, a body pillow and I are not going to fit on a twin bed. I'm always so tired in the middle of the night and end up falling back asleep with her, but I need to work on staying awake and just comforting her long enough for her to fall back asleep. Otherwise my hips will pay in the morning! And, getting her into a new normal soon will make things easier on all of us come April.


What is it with people thinking they have any say in what you name your child? For the most part everyone whom I've told Baby 2.0's name likes it. My mother-in-law said "Oh! That's a weird name!!! Where did you come up with that??" First of all, last year our name (which, sorry I'm not going to say) ranked #124 in the US population, so, while it isn't the most popular name, it certainly isn't totally unheard of! Then mother-in-law asks if it's a family name, which, coincidentally, it is, but I wasn't planning on telling anyone who didn't already know that it was because that isn't why we chose it. We chose it and then I remembered (or my mom mentioned) that it was my grandfather's middle name and my great (great?) grandmother's maiden name. But Glenn told his mom that it was a family name from my side, not knowing that I wanted to keep that fact on the secret side. Not that it matters, I just always said I didn't ever want to use a family name and here we are!

Then, the other day I was on the phone with my mom who asked if we had decided on a middle name. I said no. Actually, the whole middle name decision has been quite the discussion lately. We can't seem to agree at all. I told her Glenn's favorite (Xavier) and you could just here the dislike in her voice. I rattled off a few others we were thinking of and she quite obviously didn't like any of those either. She started naming off some ideas of her own. I told her, "Trust me, we've talked about every name under the sun. The ones I told you are the ones we both sort of like." But, what does it matter anyways? Baby 2.0 is our child and we'll pick the name.

Now I can totally see why people choose not to tell anyone the name until the baby is born. Who wants to hear it??? And by "it" I mean all the silly little comments people who have NO decision making authority have!


It is so rainy and stormy here. Beanie is suffering from cabin fever and so am I. Glenn took her outside the other day while he raked leaves (thank goodness the neighbor's maple tree is now bare!) and she had a blast. I feel bad not getting out and about so much. We have been trying to avoid crowded indoor play places as much as we can with this crazy flu season. Maybe a futile precaution, but we're trying. I can't wait for some dry weather so we can get out and play.

I think I'll stop here although I could go on forever today. I might as well try to do some more chores since I have such a good helper this morning.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why I hate doing other people's work.

So this week I worked an extra day at work. I was covering for a gal and working in her department. Well, let me just say the whole day drove me batty.

I mean, talk about unorganized! I told my boss he owed me big time. Like it looked like someone barfed all of her backstock into the totes. There was no rhyme or reason to what was in the totes either. Like I could have toured the whole store filling crap from just one tote. And not to mention there was two pallets and two carts of these stupid, unorganized totes.

See when I was a department manager I kept things very clean. I was uber organized. I had no backstock and what I did have was meant to go on the shelf pretty soon after it arrived. Granted, my department was full of perishable items and hers isn't, but come on! No wonder she never goes through her stuff...its a cluster fuck.

Anyway, that's all. I hate working in someone else's unorganized mess. And, most of all, being expected to organize it for her. But it was just one day of my life and I'm sure no one else really cares about my whiny-ness anyway. I'm doing pretty well for NaBloWriMo though and didn't want to break my streak now. And I really have nothing else to write about today!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best friends.

You know when you're little and you have that best friend that you tell everything to? Why is it so hard to find someone like that when you're older? Is it because you're more guarded because of past experiences? Because you have a more developed self and don't click as easily with people? Or is it just me?

I've met quite a few people in my mom's groups and get along quite well with some of them. It's easier when they also have kiddos Beanie's age, but that's not a prerequisite. But I have yet to find someone I feel like I could tell all my secrets to. Honestly, I'm closer with some of my online mommy friends than ones I've met in real life. So, am I weird? What's the deal? Why is it so hard for me, as a 30-ish Mama, to make new friends?

I admit I've always been more guarded with gals than guys. When I was younger I always had more male friends than females. And I've always opened up to guys more easily. Not that I won't talk my head off to just about anyone, but you know. I admit than in my teenage years I often felt betrayed or stabbed in the back by my girl friends. Not all the of them, of course, but a few bad experiences gave me a bad taste about best friends.

But, now as a mama, it is much easier to be friends with gals. Its not like guys are going to understand most of what goes on in my head.

Maybe the sort of friendships you have in elementary school and junior high just don't exist in older age. Maybe I need to put myself out there more? I've tried to become more active in various mom's groups in order to meet a wider range of people. And I do have a few people I consider good friends, or who have crossed the line from online mommy friend to I-would-kick-it-with-you-anytime mommy friend.

I don't know. What do you think? It's something I've been pondering lately.

Monday, November 16, 2009

"Those stripes don't even look yellow."

So, a few weeks ago Hubby & I went out to pick up the paint for Baby 2.0's room. He has been on vacation the last week and the plan was to redo 2.0's room and to lay new flooring in Beanie's room as well.

Quite awhile back, Hubby had gone out and picked up some paint samples. We talked about painting the wall bright yellow with lighter yellow stripes and touching up the white chair rail and trim in the room. So, we go out to pick up the paint and Hubby says "I thought the stripes were going to be white."

Um, what?!!?!? Like how many times had we discussed this?

So I reply, "I thought we were going to paint the wall this (pointing at color swatch) color and the stripes this (pointing again) color. Then the white was for the trim." Hubby says ok. He orders a 1/2 gallon of the bright yellow and the white paint and a quart of the lighter yellow. I ask if a quart is going to be enough for all the stripes. He says yes.

The last week or so I've been trying to keep Beanie out of his hair so he can paint and tape (and, boy the taping is time consuming!). The other evening after I put Beanie down for bed I open up the door to 2.0's room and see that Hubby is painting the stripes. I comment that they look good and then say that they don't even look yellow in the light. He says, "They're not. They're white."

Um, double what?!??!

I have to admit that I (sort of) like the white stripes, but am pretty bummed that there aren't going to be light yellow stripes. I'm worried the room will be too white with white trim and doors and stripes. And I'm sort of wondering how Hubby and I had two entirely different conversations about the painting of the room.

Eh, such is life.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sometimes this is how I feel after work.


Not after my mommy time, but after I go to my paying job. You know, the one where I sling milk, check out groceries and wait on cranky customers.

I told Hubby the other day that I need to find a job that pays you just to stay at home. Anyone know of something like that? lol.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stretched a little thin.

This post will probably be a bit on the short side. I'm feeling stretched a little thin lately. I have so many things that I feel like I "have" to do or check on or etc that the things that really matter are going by the wayside. I need to take inventory of what I have going on, what I can give up (and when), and really turn to what's important to me.

I've written (a lot) about how we, as a family, struggle with having the TV on too much or checking our emails (and facebook, and online message boards, and real-life mommy group) 100,000 times a day. Okay, it's mostly just me who is wanting/wondering/checking online all day.

But, anyways, I am really going to try and make an effort to cut back on those things. I don't think Beanie is going to turn into some delinquent child because she watches TV, but I would like to cut it down (and me cut my online time down). It's important for us as a family.

I don't think anything earth shattering is going to change if I don't check my facebook 3 times a day (yea, like I really check it only three's probably more!) or don't respond to an email within hours of getting it.

Really. I just need to step back and get things in check. Take my life back from the computer so to speak.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Blog Fart Friday.

Since Ann so throroughly enjoyed my farting last week I thought I'd try it again :)

Well, we're about to head out and buy a little boy's outfit. I am so excited! I've been wanting to ever since we found out Baby 2.0 was a boy. But, the fundage has been a little tight this week so we waited until pay day. The responsible thing to do, right?


Speaking of the moola, I am having the darndest time figuring out just why/how/when we're bleeding through our money at such a ridiculous rate. We've been trying to cut down on eating out. We have been going out for coffee a little more than usual. I bought some gifts recently. But, I still can't figure it out. Maybe I should sit down and write out all the receipts that are piling up in my wallet and do my budget book. I swore I would keep on top of it this month and we're halfway through November (eek!) and I haven't done so hot on the whole budgeting thing.


I'm on our new ISP. So excited about that. Its ridiculous how much faster it is. I love it.


Beanie is a crack up lately. I don't know where she comes up with the things she says sometimes. However, one thing I could do without her saying is the word "stupid." I don't know where she got it. Today she was playing on the floor and trying to get her little chair out of the way when she said "Get out of here, stupid." I don't think she knows what it means, but I'd really like to nix the use of the word stupid.


Its supposed to rain for the next like week-and-forever. They even said there might be snow! I'm not really wanting that. I mean, it'd be fun to play in but I'm not much of a fan of driving in the snow. Especially now that we're on this big old hill.


Someone call the grammar police. On me! I swear, ever since devoting all my brain cells to being a mom I've become more and more of an idiot. Okay, not really an idiot but, you know, the things I used to pride myself on (like good grammar and spelling) have gone by the wayside. And it all came to a head last night when I was looking for some baby boy blinkies on photobucket. They all said "It's a boy" and I had a huge brain fart and posted on my facebook that I was wondering why they had apostrophes. Yea, how's that for a fart? lol. So, my friends so lovingly reminded me that the statement should have an apostrophe. Duh. See, those things used to bug the hell out of me. Same as people misusing they're/there/their. But my mom has, on more than one occassion, emailed me to let me know I've misused they're/there/their on Beanie's blog. And its not because I don't know their proper useage, but the fact that I just write and get on with it. I mean, really, its not like I can take a lot of time for editing while there's a 2 1/2 year old threatening to climb my leg or hit Control-Alt-Delete. But, anyways, the its/it's thing was a bit embarassing on my part, although anyone who really knows me knows I know the difference. And anyone I really care about (or who cares about me) wouldn't care if I didn't anyway. And, luckily, I was able to laugh it off because, after the day I was having, I could have just as easily run into the room and cried on the bed.

Okay, Ann, that's all I got ;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Its days like today....

...that I wonder what the hell I am thinking becoming a mom of two.

Seriously, I love my daughter (more than I can probably even explain), but today she is really testing my limits and I seem to have a short string anyways today. So, she's watching Dora and eating a pita pizza and I'm sitting here blogging. Because, if not, I'm going to lose it.

Hubby decided to head out on a short hike and take some pictures today. I'm glad he did...he is on vacation after all and really needs some time to escape and remember who HE is, you know besides dad, husband, bread man. At the same time I'm glad he went I am going crazy wondering who I am and wondering when I'll get a little time to myself to go do something that makes me feel like ME and not mama, wife, baby-baker, etc.

So Beanie and I run out to Old Navy (and by run, I mean hop up in the car and shlep ourselves down the freeway to the ON that actually carried maternity clothes) because the very first time I wore my full panel maternity jeans the seam to the panel ripped out. I mean, don't get me wrong, I know ON clothes are pretty cheap and, in turn, cheaply made but I'm not made of money and not about to spend an arm & a leg on some clothes that I'm going to wear for nine months (okay, probably at least ten because you know there's that awkward stage after you give birth where nothing fits either). But, anyways, even though I know I bought cheaply made ON maternity jeans I still expect them to last nine freaking months. So, we're off to exchange them. Of course I didn't have my receipt. Then the lady accuses me of cutting out one of the tags because she can't find the style number. Um, I didn't cut out any tags lady. I wore them and they fricking tore. I don't even want money, I just want a new pair of jeans because I have like no clothes that fit right now. So she takes forever and then finally goes and grabs another pair off the shelf and returns them that way. But, of course, by this time Beanie wants to read the books (i.e., credit card applications) on the counter and wants to pull the pens out of their little bucket and draw on who knows what. So finally we can go shop. I end up getting a pair of non full panel jeans (because, to be honest, the full panel really drives me nuts!!) since the lady didn't do a straight exchange and also find a pair of corderoys and some jeans for Beanie.

Misson #1 accomplished.

There's a Jamba Juice in the mall we went to so I told Beanie she could have a smoothie. Well, for some reasons its totally runny and Beanie keeps tipping the cup so she can't really get any smoothie from the straw, but can manage to spill it all over her coat. So I try to help her. "I don't need any help Mommy!!! I do it!!!" Of course. I try to help again. No luck. But she's super pissed that she can't get any smoothie out. Meltdown.

Against my better judgement we also hit up Target because we really needed some Kashi bars (and by "we really needed" I mean Beanie really wants Kashi bars like every day). After the meltdown I knelt down to her level and asked her if she wanted to go home or if we should stop and get Kashi bars. Of course, she wanted to get Kashi bars. So we sort of meandered around Target (ding! ding! ding! mistake made here) because I'm also on the lookout for a maternity coat (again not willing to spend a ton of money) so I don't freeze my butt off this winter. We sidetracked to the kiddo department because I really want to buy something boy-ish (although I am waiting until Hubby can go buy with us tomorrow!) and also because Beanie needs a hat. Meltdown. So I entice her with a quick trip through the Christmas section. Fun. And we (finally) get our Kashi bars.

She falls asleep for about 15min on the way home. She was out. Like I really thought she would go back to sleep at home and I could take a nap too. Yea, no nap. And I am so frustrated with her and her no napness. And I'm tired. And waiting for Hubby to get home so maybe I can go take a pee without an audience at least once today.

And, I'm supposed to do all this with a toddler and a newborn????? *sigh*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Its a BOY!!!

That's right. Today was our big ultrasound and we found out we're having a little boy. Both of us are SO excited! And it'll be a lot of fun having one of each.

Baby 2.0 was quite the little wiggleworm. We had a very long ultrasound because he wouldn't sit still for them to get good pics of the heart. But, everything looked great and we have a healthy baby boy on the way. Woohoo!

I was really surprised. All along I've really had no feeling one way or the other. When I first got pregnant I thought maybe boy because I was so much sicker this time around, but, then again, who knows...each pregnancy is different they say. The last few days I was sort of thinking girl, but really didn't have a clue.

Needless to say, we are over the moon and very excited! I never really thought about it until the ultrasound tech commented on how differently boys and girls learn and explore, but it really will be interesting seeing how the two kiddos are different.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I exercised!!

Big deal, right?

Well, here's the thing...when I got pregnant I swore I would be more active than I was with Beanie. With that pregnancy I didn't exercise. At all. Granted I was waking up for work at 3:30 in the morning and on my feet for 8+ hours a day, but exercise -- real exercise -- nope. I wanted it to be different this pregnancy. For one, I would like to gain about the same amount of weight I did last time, but without the help of the ever restrictive gestational diabetes diet. While I am sure the diet did a lot for me only gaining 4lbs over the last 14weeks of my pregnancy I would like to avoid having an official diagnosis this time. I've been trying to eat better this pregnancy and swore up and down I would be active as well.

But, here's the thing. Its fall which around here means rain. I also have a tendency to suffer from seasonal depression. Not only is it rainy, but its dark! And I don't walk in the rain. Like ever. I'm not much for power walking through the mall either, although that idea has crossed my mind more than a few times this fall. Any by crossed my mind I mean I thought about it but never really had the motivation to do it.

But today I went on the elliptical machine for a half hour. Woohoo! Granted I was going about 40 RPMs so I think my 2 1/2 year old daughter probably could've gone faster, but the point is, I did it. I said I would work out after breakfast and I did. The even more amazing thing is I really didn't feel like it, but I forced my lazy butt to get on the elliptical machine and then went even longer than I had planned on (because, to be honest, last time I tried to hop on the darn thing I was beat after about 5 minutes).

So, today I'm motivated. I felt really good after exercising. I knew I would. If you know me very well (or even if you don't) you might know that my post-baccalaureate coursework all focused on the anti-depressant effects of exercise. Nothing like practicing what you preach, right? I know if I can keep this up it will help my fall/winter blahs and it will also keep me (and Baby 2.0) healthier this pregnancy.

I'm just hoping this motivation can carry me a little farther. Glenn is home this week, so I should be able to exercise in the mornings (which, let's face it its the easiest...there's nothing like putting it off all day and then coming up with a really convenient excuse not to exercise). I hope I can get into the groove and have it continue. I'm hoping it will also help with the whole feeling-like-I-got-hit-by-a-truck-every-time-I-work thing too.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sayonara Clearwire.

I've posted before about just how much Clearwire internet service really sucks. I mean its bad. Like it doesn't work in the rain. Hello?!?!?! It was developed in the Pacific Northwest. Or it goes from 5 bars of connectivity to 3 to 1 to no conncetion at all sitting in the exact. same. spot. Its ridiculous and makes trying to get online a tad bit (okay, a lot a bit) frustrating most of the time.

But, good news to all those who worry about my ability to gain internet access easily. Our contract with Clearwire is up next month so we have called a competitor (one who, you know, can actually get us online with regularity) and are having them come out and get us all set up. I cannot tell you how damn excited I am. Why, you ask, did we wait till our contract was up and put up with the ridiculousness that is known as Clearwire? Well, its quite simple really...I was not about to pay the cancellation fee for our contract so we just sat it out and not so patiently waited for our contract to be up.

I can't wait to go turn in that dumb Clearwire modem. I'd like to run it over with my car first so they can't try to pawn the thing off on some unsuspecting customer who maybe hasn't heard how much they suck. Because they suck, like incredibly. Don't ever sign up with them. Don't let your friends sign up with them. They're getting sued for false advertising and their horrible cancellation policy (like if you move and their service no longer works at your new home its up to you to find someone who is dumb enough to buy your modem and contract from you). I hope they lose (big time) and that all the customers who did pay that outrageous cancellation fee get their money back.

I hope my brother-in-law (who used to work for them) gets the thousands of dollars they owe him in wages and commission.

They're horrible. I could go on longer, but, you know what, its raining so I'm probably about to get kicked off line in like t minus three seconds.

Sayonara Clearwire!!! You will not be missed!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Work day Blahs.

Okay, sorry readers but I am dead beat tired and not much in the mood for blogging, but I can't only make it less than a week though National Blog Writing Month. That would constitute a complete FAIL. So, you can amuse yourself by reading about my work day.

I work once a week now and, let me tell you, I think it was easier on my body to work 40hours a week when I was pregnant with Beanie than to work just 8 right now. Like my body isn't used to it and I just feel like I've taken a big old beating by the end of the day. I can barely walk, my back is killing me, and pretty much every joint in my body aches. And I also feel like a big HUGE whiner because my friend (who is like 35 weeks pregnant) works like a million hours a week and here I am bitching and moaning about my one 8hr day a week. Anyhoo, I really feel like I got hit by a truck (although luckily it is better than last week, maybe because I was in the checkstand all day and not shlepping around crates of milk and cases of soda).

So, sorry I'm not very interesting today. I promise to return to more interesting blogging tomorrow.

Oh, and special thanks to Dr. Eva who left my first spam comment on my blog! I hope you didn't click on her linky for Tamiflu....yea lets make sure and stockpile that stuff ;)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My 180 on the piggy flu

So, awhile back I wrote about my struggles with the silly swine flu pandemic. Well, I thought I might as well update where my thinking has evolved to on the situation.

As I said before, at first I was dead set against the vaccine for either myself or Beanie. Thought it was all a bunch of media hype, a new vaccine that was untested, etc etc. Well, I still agree that its a whole bunch of media hype (I mean, really would the public be as worried about the big scary swine flu if the media just advertised it as what it is -- another A strain of the flu?), but when the vaccine actually came out it turns out it isn't new and untested. Its the exact same flu vaccine with a different strain in it. As a pediatrician and my OB put it, every year the flu vaccine has 3 or 4 strains in it. The swine flu vaccine is just a flu vaccine with the 4th or 5th strain in it. As the pediatrician said, yea it sucks but that's what it is.

After a boatload of reading and researching (and making the decision to get the regular old flu vaccine this year) I have decided I will get the H1N1 vaccine. That is, I will if my OB ever has it available for me! I am not waiting in a hours-long line with a thousand other people trying to get it. I figure I have more chance of catching something from someone who doesn't know they're sick yet than actually getting the vaccine! We will not be getting it for Beanie, although I will admit there are times when I struggle with that decision as well. But, Beanie is otherwise healthy & we are taking precautions to stay well. I know we can't quaratine ourselves in the house for the next six months but we are doing our best to avoid crowded places & people we know are sick. We wash our hands, take our vitamins, eat well, & use hand sanitizer when we aren't right at a sink. So, we'll see. Like I said, I still struggle with this but, at this point, its not like she can get the vaccine anyways as most pediatricians don't have it yet around here.

The thing that does make me upset (and a little leary) is that, even though supposedly thimerosal free doses are available, you are hard pressed to find the vaccine that doesn't come in the multi-dose bottle that contains thimerosal. While I don't buy into the whole mercury-autism-etc hubbub, I would prefer to have a thimerosal free vaccine. I'm not sure that will be available to me though and I have decided to get it either way. I'm just confused as to why a vaccine that is in such high demand needs to be made with preservatives? I'm not knowledgable (at all!) about vaccine production so maybe there is a valid reason (if someone knows, fill me in!) but the reason that comes readily to mind is that it is probably cheaper for the manufacturers to make it that way. Or quicker? I don't know, Glenn surmised that perhaps preservative is needed because they don't know how long the vaccine will last without it, but I received a thimerosal free "regular" flu vaccine and if its the same exact vaccine then that doesn't make much sense to me.

Anyway, just thought I'd post a little update. It certainly was a struggle for me to come to a decision and I respect everyone's decision, whichever they make.

Here's a link to the article that really sealed the deal for me. I had read numerous other studies & articles, but I really respect Dr. Sears' view on vaccination (although we don't delay most vaccines) and appreciated the unbiased information he provided in this link...

(Okay, he has since posted an article about MMR, so you have to scroll down a bit to get the H1N1 info)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog Fart Friday.

I'm not feeling particularly inspired today, so I think I'll participate in the shenanigan called Blog Fart Friday. That's what I get for not blogging this morning when I am (generally) more inspired to write, or really do anything. Now I've got the afternoon blahs and you've got Blog Fart Friday.


I'm 19 weeks pregnant today. I am so anxious for our ultrasound next week. I'm sort of driving myself batty because I am convinced I should be feeling more movement from Baby 2.0 by now. I didn't feel movement with Beanie till pretty far along (probably a couple more weeks) but still, you know everyone talks about how much earlier you feel it this time around. And I do! But I just feel like I should be feeling more. I don't know, like I said its driving me batty.


We had the craziest storm last night. Seriously, I woke up at about a quarter to midnight because of this huge flash of lightening what seemed like right outside my window. The rain was pounding and the wind was pushing it right against our windows. It was so loud! I was sure Beanie was going to wake up, even went into her room preemptively, but she didn't even though I couldn't sleep a wink through the whole damn thing. Luckily it didn't rain all night and Glenn didn't get soaked at work, but we've had off and on crazy weather today. Like right now its blue skies and pretty gorgeous. I'm wondering what tonight will bring.


We had some friends over for a playdate today. It was lots of fun. I've decided I should probably host more playdates because they really make me get my butt in gear and tidy up the house. Because, let's face it, I've been having some serious don't-like-my-house issues and having it all clean and gorgeous makes me like the house a lot more. In fact, I haven't had too many I-hate-this-house episodes lately. I'm (maybe) starting to like it and even look forward to our future here, especially the remodeling and putting our own touches on everything. We are going to re-do the nursery next week and I am so excited! We're also ripping up the god awful purple shaggy carpet in Beanie's room to put new flooring down. And maybe I'll actually get around to stenciling those butterflies on Beanie's wall too.


Speaking of house issues, my current worry is where we're going to put our Christmas tree. I know, nothing like really big shit to worry about, but I really was crying over it. I'm sure those tears can be blamed, in part, on crazy pregnancy hormones but still. Glenn says we can put it in the dining room. What?!??!? I mean, does anyone put their Christmas tree in the dining room? I'm still trying to figure out some way we can move around our couch and get a tree in the living room. I'll make sure and keep you posted on this major household dilemma.


After a few days of awesome potty training (even one day with NO accidents) we have resorted to diapers for the most part the last two days. On Wednesday Beanie had three accidents early in the day. She pooped her drawers and peed on our (new-ish) leather couch twice. Like literally just sat there and peed like she didn't even know it was time to go. After these accidents she was very upset saying she "couldn't peepee in the potty anymore." She really wanted to wear undies but refused to pee in the potty. I told her when she wanted to be a big girl and use the potty and wear underwear she could let me know. She wore undies a bit Wednesday afternoon but other than that we've been back in diapers. Someday, right?


Okay, that's all my brain can fart out right now! Hopefully I'll have something a little more insightful to write tomorrow!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

In less than a week

We'll know if Baby 2.0 is a boy or a girl. Time is just flying with this pregnancy, maybe because more time is spent chasing around my two-and-a-half year old than sitting and thinking about the joys of pregnancy. Next week we'll be halfway through our pregnancy, probably more like this week is a halfway point if (wishful thinking) Baby 2.0 decides to make a little bit earlier of an arrival just like Beanie. By 38 weeks with Beanie I was READY. I knew she would be born that week too. I've heard that with subsequent pregnancies that ready-feeling comes much sooner.

We'll see. I'm trying to relish these last few months of being a mom of one. I know it will never be the same (not that that's a bad thing!) as a mom of two.

But, humor me. Take a guess -- boy or girl? With Beanie I really had the feeling that she was a girl & I was right. With this one I don't have the slightest clue....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Referendum 71

I'll take this break from my usual mommy tales to post about last night's election.

I live in a state where a referendum keeping equal rights for all families was on the ballot. See, the legislature passed the rights for domestic partners and then the referendum was brought up trying to overturn these rights. The extended rights were supposed to take effect over the summer, but have since been on hold waiting for the results of the election.

Its very close. With about fifty percent of the vote counted, the results are 51% approve -- 49% reject. The results lie very dramatically on the east/west divide of the state. In the Seattle area which is more liberal and all the referendum passes substantially. In the eastern part of the state it failed substantially.

I hope the results continue to point to approving these rights for all families. I've never really understood what problem adults have with two other consenting adults deciding on what to do with their lives. What is it ANY of your business? The arguments against extending marriage rights to gay and lesbians don't hold any merit to me. Marriage (and marriage only between a mand and a woman) is the foundation of society? Really? Considering the divorce rate, the many, many affairs taking place and et cetera I'd say our society is in pretty dire straights then. How about the foundation of society be ending discrimination against one of the last groups it seems socially acceptable to discriminate against? I think if people focused on that instead of upholding whatever illogical ideals they have then society would be a much, much better place.

That's all.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Potty training update!

For those of you who are interested in the pee and poop habits of Beanie ;)

Potty training is going very well. Every morning she wants to "wear underwear." Yesterday we had ZERO accidents. Granted, I put her in a diaper for the few hours we were out of the house (is that cheating??) but still! No accidents. Woohoo.

I'm so glad we waited. Seriously, I don't see what the rush is people have with potty training. My friend and I were just talking about it yesterday. Its not like its a race. And, for crying out loud, its much easier just to let your kid go in a diaper anyway! I'm sure once we get it down a little more going on the potty will be easier (or at least not as messy). For now, I feel like I can't take my eyes off her for two seconds for fear she'll cop a squat and poop in her pants (because, truth be told, two of our three accidents over the last three days were poop).

Anyway, *up on my soapbox* it really is easier if you wait till they're ready. You don't get a gold start for having your eleven month old potty trained. But, if that's how you roll more power to you. I'm just so glad we waited, amidst all my mom and dad's repeated cries that we'd better start soon. Puh-lease.

Monday, November 2, 2009

As if you don't feel guilty enough going through the McD's drive thru for dinner...

...then they put french fries instead of apples in the Happy Meal.

And then your daughter basically just licks ranch off the french fries for dinner.

Maybe has 2 bites of french fry and a little bit of the breading off one chicken nugget.

A balanced meal? Hardly.

And then that means I had to eat all my french fries plus the extra ones Glenn had that he was going to give to Beanie. You know, after she ate her apples. Or at least licked the caramel off the apples.

And they put like ten pounds of mayonaise on the chicken burger I ordered with NO MAYO. Puke.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cut the small talk lady, I'm here for the candy.

So, fortunately (for my blogging) or unfortunately (as I may be looking at it as I drag my tired butt through and 8 hour work day), an evening filled of trick or treating and a later bedtime did nothing for Beanie (or me, in turn!) getting an extra hour of sleep. But, it does mean that I was up at the ungodly hour of 5am (did I really used to start work at 4:30?? yuck!) and am ready to start off my quest to blog every day in November on the right foot. Because, let's face it, after an 8 hour shift at the grocery store I probably wouldn't have much fun to say.

We took Beanie trick or treating last night. Since we're in a nice little neighborhood now, we just took her around here. I know, UNSAFE right? Well, I feel pretty safe so forget about it. We, as Glenn (or was it Aunt Yissy?) said "trick or treated old school." Beanie was pretty much sold after the first house. We knocked on the door and I reminded her to say trick or treat. She did (!) and was rewarded with handfuls of candy from our next door neighbor. As we walked away she said "Go knock on another door!" She was ready. We went around our cul de sac and got rained on a little so stopped back at the house for some coats. Of course, as soon as we coated up the rain stopped. Oh well. We walked over to a friend's house and then stopped at some houses on the way back home.

We stopped at one particular house that had really cool decorations. Let's face it, we mostly stopped because Glenn oogles over their lawn every time we drive by. Seriously, they have a gorgeous yard. Anyway, they also had really cool Halloween decorations. Beanie walked up to the door where a nice older lady was standing waiting for her with a bowl of candy. The lady knelt down and commented what a cute little bumblebee Beanie was. She was asking "What do bumblebees say? Do they say 'buzz buzz?'" when Beanie, without so much as a "trick or treat," reached into the bowl, grabbed a handful of candy & turned to go. It was hilarious...she knows what Halloween is for! As Glenn said, "this costume is just my cute ploy to get lots of candy." Ain't that the truth!