Monday, May 31, 2010

So Proud.

I'm so proud of Beanie. Really, she is such a good big sister. One of the last things she has to do before heading to bed is give Bubby a "gentle kiss." She's always concerned when he's crying -- one time even running into the bathroom to tell me that he wanted to nurse. When he's upset in the mornings she grabs his hand and tells him that it's okay and to calm down in a super sweet voice. She wants to share her toys with him. She loves getting me diapers for him when I need to change him (almost to the point of getting upset if she doesn't get the chance to grab the diaper). She snuggles him, loves on him (sometimes needing to be reminded to give him some space) and wants to hold him.

Beanie talks about how she can't wait till Bubby gets bigger and he can play with her. I hope that's actually the case when he's crawling around trying to play with her toys!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Elimination Diets.

Here I am. I will apologize yet again for neglecting this blog. I've had a lot going on lately & a lot I think to blog about, but I just never get around to it. Also, Glenn got me a super cool HTC Incredible for Mother's Day so I've mostly been quickly checking things online on my phone rather than sitting down and actually writing. Which also means my articles have gone by the wayside. Poo. Hoping to jump back on that bandwagon because I FINALLY got my first payment from Examiner. Woot! Woot!

Bubby's colic seems to have slowed down. But, at his 2month appt (where he was a whopping 13lbs 1oz and 24" long -- about the same size as Beanie was at 4months old) the pediatrician said she thought he may have a dairy sensitivity. She also said that most babies with a dairy intolerance are also intolerant to soy. I went a couple days without having any soy or dairy (and, holy cow, do you even know that soy is in absolutely everything). After pretty much wanting to pull my hair out, we decided I would go dairy free for 2 weeks, see if that was helping, and then tackle the soy. See, we're not even sure that an intolerance is the problem. Bubby's poos (yes, I'm going to talk about poop here so feel free to skim if you like) were watery, but nothing too bad. For what it's worth, Beanie never had textbook breastmilk poops. He was over the top colicky.  The pediatrician said watery poos could lead to mucousy poos could lead to bloody poos. Well, we don't want any of that so here we go. But, I've been completely dairy free for a week and, if anything, his poos are more mucousy. Or maybe I'm paying more attention? I don't know, but what I do know is that this all is extremely frustrating to me. I just want to be able to help poor Bubby. I wish there was some magic sign that would just tell me what was wrong. Is he just a fussy baby that hasn't completely outgrown his colic yet? Does he just have funny poos like his sister always did? I just have the Mommy gut feeling that there is something else going on.

So, at a time when we're trying to drastically cut our food budget, we are looking at having to go out and buy more specialty type foods. I was really surprised how soy (or soy lechitin or soybean oil or what-have-you) is in everything we eat. One day I thought I was doing all great for lunch with turkey & veggies come to find out the cooking spray had soy lechitin in it. I still haven't found something I care for in my coffee so I've started drinking mango black tea (from Trader Joes -- delicious) in the morning. If anything, I'm sure eating this way is healthier, but it is going to be hard. I'll do it for Bubby though. The pediatrician said that most kids outgrow the intolerance by one year old (I had asked if I'd have to cut it all out for our entire nursing relationship) so I guess I'm looking at 9 1/2 months of it.

Any of you out there dairy & soy free? I'd love some menu tips or just some inspiration. I'm starting to think more & more it's going to come down to at least temporarily eliminating both and seeing how Bubby does and it does seem like a hard task.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 is the new 1

Since I recently posted about how to share info I think is really important without overstepping the bounds of respecting others parenting choices I thought I would share this link that a friend posted on facebook. Because, you know, this is my blog so I can share all the unsolicited advice I want ;)

2 is the new 1: Rear-facing Car Seats Until At Least Age 2

Beanie rode rear facing until she was 2 1/2. Sometimes I wish we would've waited a bit longer, but I think the timing worked well.  When we went to Georgia last summer (Beanie had just turned 2) there was a huge to-do about the fact that she was still rear-facing in her seat while her cousin (who is five months younger) had been forward-facing for awhile. Whatever, I tried not to "share" too much about all the research pointing to the fact that kids are much safer RF until at least two because my sister-in-law in insanely competitive about everything (yes, even car seat positions if that's even possible). up.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The budget.

I've talked time and again about saving money. As I posted earlier, we decided that I would quit my gig as a milk-slinger and once again stay at home full time with the kiddos. I also stated that I was kinda nervous about this whole transition. Not that I was raking in the dough, but it was additional income and now we don't have that.

We got our tax return and paid off two credit cards. I think the remainder will go towards medical bills for the birth & some things we need to get taken care of around the house.

We're going to cancel our cable as soon as the promotion runs out. I've been making grocery lists, planning out our weekly meals and sticking to them. Although I swear I am not going to tell Glenn what I'm planning -- every week he doesn't have dinner ideas when I ask and then doesn't like the ones I come up with. This week I told him he needs to come up with some ideas!!! Hopefully it will stay warm and we can keep the heat off (although I did have to turn it on for a bit this morning). We've really been working at turning lights off when we leave the room -- Alexa is getting really good at it! We have no credit cards in our wallets so if we want to make a big purchase we have to think about it beforehand.

So, how do you save money & stick to a family budget?

Friday, May 7, 2010

2.0 shall now be known as...


As in Chubby Bubby.

Because, seriously, have you ever seen cuter chubby cheeks than his?

And a funny thing about Bubby's real name (oh, yea, you thought it was Bubby???) is that his first name is my maternal gradfather's middle name and his middle name is Glenn's maternal grandfather's middle name. When the crazy lady who gave birth to Glenn my mother-in-law was in town last week she said, "I didn't realize you picked *middle name*. Grandpa would be so proud!" and Glenn replied, "Why?" She replied, "*Middle name* was Grandpa's mdidle name," and Glenn said, "Oh, it was?" And, believe it or not, it was. See this is so crazy because when Beanie was born we had a boy's name picked out first. When the crazy lady who gave birth to me my mom heard it she said, "Oh for grandpa!!" because, without even thinking about it, we had chosen my grandfather's middle name for our boy's name. And when we did finally have a boy it took Glenn and I forever to agree on a middle name. I think we literally ran through just about every boy's name known to man. And then the one that Glenn liked all along started to grow on me. And now it turns out Bubby's middle name is also a family name (I swore I would never use a family name for my kiddos!). When I told this all to my mom she said we should just say that Bubby was named after both his maternal grandfathers. Nice story, except it's not true. Now I feel like I need to make sure and let him know he wasn't named after both his maternal grandfathers.

Funny how names come about. I think Bubby is more than approrpriate though.

And since I never post pictures on here I better not leave without one of Beanie as well. Enjoy it when you can ;)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's a fine line

I'm pretty opinionated about many things related to mommyhood. It's always a fine line I walk when trying to give information or advice because I do feel pretty strongly about certain things. But, the thing I feel most strongly about is allowing moms to make their own choices for their children and respecting the choices they make. Except for cases of neglect and abuse (obviously) I'm all for you making your choices and me making mine. Just because x, y, and z work for me doesn't mean they necessarily will work for you. But they might and if you're having a problem with something and come to me for advice I'll probably give you an earful.

But what about instances where your advice isn't necessarily asked for? For instance, a status update on facebook? Do you point out that research shows that the risks of induction are not something to take lightly? Do you not say anything at all? What about someone who says their 6mth old is forward facing in their carseat because they're 25lbs?

I guess sometimes it's hard for me because I do love to read and research so much & I wish everyone would do their own research before making decisions. Like, besides the fact that it's unsafe for that 6mth old to ride forward facing do they also know it's illegal?

I don't know. I only bit on the facebook status after someone else pointed out the same fact. I agreed and added my two cents. It's really not my place to be the did-you-know-this police, but sometimes there are things I wish I'd known sooner too and I guess I'll just keep walking that fine line. I mean, I like when people give me information even if it's something I know wouldn't work for our family. I listen, take what I will and leave the rest.

Just wondering what other mamas think about this. Obviously we all have our own opinions o & way of doing things....