Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finding My "Me Time"

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I'm struggling to figure out what I really want for my "me time."

A couple weeks ago I had the great idea to go to a local coffee shop and read a book. Their coffee is delicious and I haven't been there in a long time because they didn't have rice milk (they do, however, have hemp milk but I haven't been too keen on wanting to try that). Anyway, since we've slowly been reintroducing soy (more on that later, but we think it may be going okay, or at least that he can tolerate smaller amounts in my breastmilk) I decided to go there and enjoy some me time.

Glenn took the kids and I headed out to the coffee shop. I had my copy of Unconditional Parenting in my purse and I was looking forward to reading. First thing I pull in to the shopping center and realize it's quite busy and there's nowhere close to park. I circle around and end up getting stuck in a line of cars waiting for the garbage trucks to empty every.single.dumpster. I immediately started getting anxious, but I reminded myself that I was alone, albeit in my car stuck waiting for the damn garbage man. I turned on some music and tried to relax. Finally I was able to park and walked over to the coffee shop.

It was packed.

If there's one thing I really don't like it's crowds. They cause almost immediate anxiety for me. It definitely wasn't quiet in there. I ordered my coffee and decided to try and sit and read for a short while.

I texted a friend and joked that the next time I got out for quiet time I was going to head to the university library.

It just wasn't what I needed that day. I came home and realized that Glenn and the kids were still out. I took a long shower. I read a bit at home.

I know I really need to get out for some time to myself. It's nice to be at home when Glenn takes the kids out, but I really thrive when I can get out.

I'm just going to have to find a new spot. Like the quiet corner in the Health Sciences Library where I read journal article after journal article for many a day.

Maybe a walk by myself?

Any local friends know a quiet coffee shop?

What do you do for time to yourself? Do you find it difficult to get out and actually meet your needs?


  1. Have you tried St. Edwards or... St. something across from the library? I went with a friend one time and it was pretty low-key - not sure on their non-dairy/non-soy options??

    I have yet to find out what ME time activities (or lack their of) make me happy. Sometimes it's just vegging out in front of the TV, sometimes it's hanging out with a friend (but said friend cannot be too much work!), a walk alone sounds nice. Blogging and posting pictures seems to be things that consume my "free" time, but don't really feel like "ME" time.

  2. I think all the coffee shops are crowded at different times. I've yet to go to one that didn't have soy milk though, so you could just drive around until you find a non crowded one. Or now that the weather is nice, pick up a to go drink and sit in a park to read.

  3. Good luck. I used to love to get out and go to the coffee shop prior to having Ayden. But we lived in a different area then and there's nothing in our town that has the right feel for just chilling with a book and coffee for several hours.:( I miss it. I understand what you mean about crowds - it can just put a damper on the experience. I hope you find something that works for you.


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