Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The get-my-house-clean plan.

Haha. Seeing as how I'm not really over-the-top happy with my new home (far from it...was lying awake again the other night thinking about all this crap) I decided I need to do something about it. Sure, I hate that the sellers didn't do all the work they said they would, that the realtor pretty much screwed us over, and that the seller didn't disclose problems with the house they must've known about but, really, I can't do anything about any of that. We bought it. Its ours.

What I can do is clean it up a bit so it looks nice. And I can finish the painting and etc. Well, Glenn can finish the painting (lol) but I can get it ready for him. But, before I tackle all the lets-beautify-this-place-and-make-it-our-own stuff I need to tackle the clutter. So, my plan is to do a room a day. Then throughout the course of the week I just need to maintain. Here's the plan...

SUNDAY -- 3/4 bath
MONDAY -- Beanie's room & office (when its done)
TUESDAY -- Dining and living rooms
WEDNESDAY -- Playroom & workout room (when its done)
THURSDAY -- Main bathroom
FRIDAY -- Master bedroom
SATURDAY -- Kitchen

See??? How is that not do-able? I really think I can do it and I know it will make me a lot happier in this place....


  1. This sounds like a great plan Kristen!! I need to do something like this! I tried to once, but because I didn't have it concrete (ie in writting) I didn't follow through. I think I will take your lead and commit it to writing!

  2. I'm working on something like this, so that I am more organized once school starts. Mine will be different, but maybe we can push each other to make sure it happens?

  3. It seems so simple, doesn't it. I should really try something similar. I refuse to spend money to get someone to clean the house, yet I never seem to get it done myself. Ugh.

  4. I'm with you sissy! And like Mom says, once it's clean all it takes to maintain is a 10 minute tidy :)

  5. Sounds like a GREAT plan! Let us know how it goes. See, I had a similar plan. I said that last night I would start by cleaning our master bath. Unfortunately I was really tired and decided to procrastinate until tonight ... we'll see if I actually get it done!

    Like you, our sellers didn't disclose a bunch of problems they must have known about. Like ... when you turned on the sprinklers, after 10 minutes, the rooms facing the front of the house literally FLOODED. HELLO?! Luckily we fixed it during renovations, but I don't know how their conscience let them get away with it!


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