Friday, August 7, 2009

Well hello there....

Huh, seems I've gone from having the inspiration to write every day to having just about no inspiration at all. I've been doing lots of writing in a journal, something I haven't done for years. Anyway, I promise I'll get a kick of inspiration soon enough ;)

It has cooled down about 40 degrees here. It was 105-110 out last week and this week it isn't supposed to escape the upper 60's. Feels downright cold. We're all wearing long sleeves! Crazy. Its funny because 70 would be normal summer weather here, but now it feels like its October!

I've been reading The No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers be Elizabeth Pantley. I really like it. I read her sleep book for babies when Beanie was younger, but never really implemented the ideas. So, I'm developing our sleep plan right now and working on getting Beanie to sleep all night in her own bed. We've sort of forgone any attempts on potty training in order to focus on weaning and independent sleep. Gosh, we can't work on too many things at once!

So, I'm here. And I'll probably start crazy blogging again soon but, for now, I'm just here.


  1. Kristen, I have Elizabeth Pantley's potty training book -- the No Cry Solution to Potty Training (or something like that). but, like you, we have put all PT efforts aside, not because of sleep but because of Derek's arrival. Like you said, too many things at once! GL on your sleep training efforts. The way I see it, Beanie (and Jack, and all other kids) will all eventually use the bathroom independently. Better to work on sleep so that you're better rested to tackle that PT effort! :)

  2. Hmm, is there a No Cry Solution to Stopping Temper Tantrums??

  3. Kristin, I actually also have the No Cry discipline Solution which I was reading (and really liked). Did I write about that, I can't remember??!? Its just been set aside to work on sleep too...

  4. You may have... I'll have to go back and look, because I'm beginning to think I could seriously use some pointers!


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