Monday, March 1, 2010

No Dad, I do not wish to discuss my cervix with you.

Or anything remotely related to that area. Much appreciated. Thanks. Bye.

So, I had planned on blogging about something entirely different today (namely my awesome Hubby pulling double duty as bread man extraordinaire and do-everything-around-the-house guy), but I'm going to have to pass that topic up in light of the conversation I had with my father.

Today is his birthday so imagine my surprise when he beats me to it and calls me. In my defense it was only about 9:30am. So, yea, we're talking, doing the whole update him on my life thing. He tells me numerous times that he's "waiting for the call." I tell him numerous times that I hope that call isn't for a few more weeks. And, besides Dad "waiting for the call" signals an alarm in my brain because when I was pregnant with Beanie EVERY time I called him after 34 weeks or so he'd answer the phone "Is this the call?"

No, Dad, it's Father's Day.

Nope. Just calling you back.

Finally I just stopped answering the phone when he called and stopped calling him.

But, by far, the most awkward moment in the conversation came when, after telling him that I'd been having a few (or more than a few) contractions off and on, he asked me if I was dilated.

Um, actually, I don't know. And if I did my father would be just about the last person on the Earth I would want to discuss it with. Sorry, dads and cervixes just don't mix.

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  1. Oh lord when you texted me this I about fell off my chair laughing! I'd say it's definitely time to start avoiding the phone calls from him. I tried calling him tonight but I think he was already asleep. Didn't get off work until after 8 tonight...


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