Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Unsuccessful Reintroduction

Image credit: Guillaume Paumier on Flickr
Two weeks ago, I reintroduced dairy into my diet. I was hopeful as our pediatrician said that most infants outgrow their dairy intolerance by age one. I was a bit more excited to reintroduce dairy than I had been with the wheat. I'd been compiling a mental list of the foods I'd really like to have again: pizza, cheesecake, a grilled cheese sandwich, ice cream. I wanted the most bang for the buck, so to speak, if I was only able to eat dairy for a few days.

I was nervous because last time Bubby had blood in his diapers within two days of reintroduction. This time we made it to day six.

I'm bummed that he had to go through that again. I'm hopeful that he will still outgrow it, as the reaction took longer to come about.

So, we're still wheat-, dairy- and soy-free. At this point I think we'll hold off on any more reintroductions for awhile. I feel healthier eating this way and, obviously, so does he. There isn't really any rush and we'll just see how things go from here.


  1. Oh my gosh, happy to have caught your Tweet about this blog! My 9.5 month old daughter is intolerant to EVERYTHING! She can tolerate Nutramigen formula and rice cereal - that's it! I Bf'd until 7 months, but she improved so much when finally switched to the hypoallergenic formula. I had eliminated, eggs, dairy, soy, gluten, tomatoes, anything spicey, green veggies, beef, turkey, pork, shell fish and legumes for 6 months. I just tried giving her some avocado the other day which resulted in a 5 hour screaming session (from tummy pain) that took us to 1:00AM. We are FINALLY being referred to a pediatric allergist but what an ordeal it's been! I'll have to check out more of your blog!

  2. I am hopeful that he will outgrow it! At least it took a bit for him to react. Maybe next time there will be no reaction. Are you going to have him see an allergist?

  3. Such is life. We just had to take wheat out of Moira's diet again, and I'm not ready to admit we need to get rid of all dairy yet. I'm trying to baby step my way into it. That's probably not the right way to handle it, huh?

  4. Ok seriously... I don't know how you live without cheese ;) But you are sooo amazing for taking such awesome care of your precious babe! And I don't doubt you feel better with the diet you are on! I hope making the decision to wait a while to try again makes it easier.

  5. Many, many hugs to you. I've been on an elimination diet for my nurslings for the last four years and know exactly how hard it is. We were able to do dairy after 18 months (didn't trial before), and wheat after 3 years. Still avoiding eggs and some newer ones, but there is definitely hope.

  6. Aw, I am so sorry! Poor little guy! Though I am so glad you know what it is and can eliminate it for him! None of my girls had true food allergies though Emma was pretty sensitive to dairy until about 2.5 (in solids, not my breastmilk, though I did eliminate it occasionally to make sure), and my husband is totally dairy free due to a severe adult-onset allergy. I'll have to check out your dairy-free recipes! I have lots but I'm afraid most of mine have wheat/soy! Rats!


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