Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Surf: Late Edition

I haven't really been reading a lot lately. Well, except for links I see on Facebook. I'm trying to get back in to reading the blogs I enjoy, but here are some of the best things I read last week:

  • I was sad to read  in Bringing Nature Play Back that the average child spends only a 1/2hour per week engaged in unstructured outdoor play. I really like the idea of a dedicated digging pit. One of my favorite memories is playing for hours with my sister digging and playing in the dirt. I'm sort of sad we don't have a dirt area for the kids to dig in; they can help with the garden (once we finally get it going), but I think we'll save some garden boxes or get containers that are their own little spaces, too.
  • There's a Summer Reading Challenge over at No Time for Flash Cards.
  • Enter to win an Ergo baby carrier over at Job Description: Mommy. Or don't, giving me a better chance to win (just kidding!)
  • A good reminder to take a break from technology and Be in the Moment
  • A good overview of carseat types and information over at The Stir.
  • Amanda at Let's Take the Metro reminds us that by believing that we are enough we teach our children that they are too in I am Enough.
I haven't linked up (maybe I will when I get regular with posting these), but you can check out more Sunday Surfing over at Authentic Parenting.

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  1. I love hearing other people bring up the outdoor play issue. I think it is a big problem these days. I work hard to spend entire days outside when it is not raining (which is a lot in the Alaska rainforest I live in!) with Mostest. I give him some materials and tools to use if he chooses and then just try to stay out of his way. He seems much more emotionally even on those days too!


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