Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cracking me up

Beanie cracks me up. She walks all around the house now, laughing and smiling, making "zzzzzz" sounds, and just being a plain old goof. Yesterday she said "dad did it" to which I texted hubby to see what exactly he had done...haha.


The dairy thing is still somewhat unresolved. We started dairy again last Monday and on Friday I noticed two little hives, one on her face around lunchtime and one on her arm in the evening. I stopped dairy then, but there have been no hives since. Ugh! I told hubby I wished there was some sign that would pop up saying "Yes (or no), I am (am not) reacting to dairy!" Now I still wonder. With all the walking she is doing I am struggling to find some calorie-rich foods to give her now. Before it was yogurt, cheese, fruit, grains and veggies (okay, the veggies I'd been slacking on...bad mommy!). She loves chicken and I guess we'll try some beans and tofu. I am going back and forth whether or not to try some dairy again, or if I should just wait a month or so. I had gone to Whole Foods on Thursday (day before the hive appearance) and picked up some more yogurt and some cottage cheese for her. Maybe I should try and take it back?


We are headed out in a bit for our mom's group meetup at Tully's. Its been awhile since we've gone and I'm glad to be going today. It is nice to get out and chat with other moms. Does good things for my sanity & Beanie loves interacting with the other kids. Now that she's walking so well we will probably go play in the Sensory Garden too, so we'll see how that goes. I don't know if I'll actually end up getting any espresso..... Beanie was up from 1am until 4am. Ugh! I woke up having a creepy dream just a few minutes before one & I woke Beanie up when I startled awake. I was dreaming there were bugs crawling all over the both of us in bed, so you can imagine I jumped from under the covers when I woke and in my half-awake state I was looking all over Beanie and the blanket for bugs. The little stinker was so tired, she would just about be back asleep and then rustle around, wake herself up and start crying. Over and over and over again. Poor kiddo. So, from my night it would sound like I need espresso, right? But, I had to have a cup of coffee when I woke and I've really been trying to limit my caffeine intake so we'll see. Maybe I can get decaf? I am hoping Beanie will lie down for a bit here so she will be raring to go for the playdate, otherwise I'm probably going to have one cranky toddler on my hands as 11:30 (our playdate time) approaches.

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