Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Office

There aren't too many shows I will sit and watch with true enthusiasm. There are a few...The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, & The Office are about it. My sister came over the other day and made fun of me for having the premiere date of this season on The Office written on my calendar. Um, I wouldn't want to miss if or anything! I likened it to her writing the day her bus route changes on the calendar. She quickly scoffed at me. She would be late to work if she forgot when the park and ride was changing location and I would only miss a TV show. Only? We're talking about The Office here. I challenge that missing the season premiere of The Office would be almost as bad as being late for work.

I went out and bought Season 4 on DVD the day it came out. Hubby works fairly odd hours and is unable to watch it and we don't have DVR. I know, we're back in the dinosaur ages. I was so bummed when we forgot to bring Season 4 with us to Montana. At least there were a couple reruns on last Thursday. Unfortunately, Hubby said that the ads for the new season pretty much ruined the old one for him. He's wrong. He has no idea what happened last season (at least for the most part). The other night we watched the first DVD and you know what happened the very next day? Our Playstation 3 crapped out. Wouldn't be so bad, but the 360 crapped out a few weeks ago and, since we had the two of those, we packed away or donated our other DVD players. Ack!

Anyways, just a pretty random fluffy blog. Just something to cheer me up a little from the gloom and doom blog of yesterday. Any other Office addicts out there with me?


  1. not a huge office fan but love

    basically, you sign up through yahoo in the area you live, then list what you want to give away for free or get for free...

    i see tons of dvd players (for free) in our area

    try it out!!

  2. OMG, I love The Office! And, for what it's worth, your sister would absolutely die laughing if she saw my calendar, because I have the premiere dates of at least 10 different shows written on there. It is a bit sad...

    Amazingly, my husband has never gotten into The Office, even though he used to enjoy the British version. We both watched the first episode of the US version when it premiered, and we both kind of thought it sucked. But then I caught an episode around mid-season, and realized that it had gotten much better. Soon I was downloading the entire season on iTunes! Between my husband's travel schedule, his initial impression of the show, whatever, he's just never gotten into it.

  3. we are office junkies too. to the point where it infiltrates our daily conversations. i think about the people on there, am subscribed to their myspace pages... and i have the season premiere date on my calendar too. :)

  4. Me, me, me!!! I LOVE THE OFFICE! I'm glad to have found a fellow addict. I have friends who say the show is getting worse, and they really didn't like last season. I said, "REALLY?!" I loved last season! I do think that Season 3 was a little bleh, but I think it picked back up in Season 4.

    Anyway, I have the premiere marked no only on our family calendar hanging in the kitchen, but also in my personal day planner. You are not alone!


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