Thursday, September 18, 2008

A brain fart of a blog

Whoa. Its been awhile since I've written. We've been busy working on the house, went away for vacation, and came back and worked on the house some more. Time to get caught up a little.

Just a warning, it has pretty much been a shit day so I apologize in advance for the likely depressing tone of this blog....

Let's see. The trip. The drive to Montana went much better than I expected. We only had to stop three times on the way there, and made it in abotu 10 hours. Not that much longer than it would've taken hubby and I by ourselves. Since my mom and stepdad live about 1/2 hour from anywhere there was a lot of driving in Montana too, and I think Beanie has had just about enough of car trips for quite a while.

We went to Glacier twice. It was beautiful, as always. We headed up to a part of the park we had never been. We loved it. Our only regret was we didn't have more time to spend in this more remote part of the park. We went up to Polebridge and to Bowman Lake. It was gorgeous and much less touristy and crowded than the Going to the Sun Road and Logan Pass.

Bugger. I was going to add some pics, but they are all on my other computer :(. We packed up the desktop when we staged the house, so I only have the laptop now. Poo. I'll have to see what I have on photobucket later.

We met with the realtor on Tuesday. He got back to us today. The price he is suggesting is not as much as we were hoping for. Not really close actually. I was so sad this morning I almost cried. We are crunching the numbers and seeing what we can do, but it definitely was a blow when we got the number. I wasn't too surprised given the recent sales nearby, but it doesn't make it suck any less. Poor hubby said "I guess I should've finished the house 5 months ago." I told him he can't think like that. He has been working his butt off and finishing 5 months ago would've been impossible. It is what it is. If we're going to go there I'll say "I wish brother-in-law (who used to own condo with hubby) should've agreed to our offer of buying him out when we gave it to him instead of farting around for 6+ months before agreeing to it." But, if you ask me, given the fact that he neglected to pay his portion of the mortgage for over 8 years I think he's damn freaking lucky he got anything. Ah, anyways. Not so happy as I hoped about this whole situation. Damn housing market. But, like I said, it is what it is. We can't look back and go through all these "what ifs" we just have to take what is in front of us now and go with that. That's all we have. Sure, we could stay here awhile. Neither of us really want to though. I want a house that is ours. This place has never really felt like ours, even though the two of us have lived here for over 9 years. For most of the time we rented the second room to one of our friends. Hubby always owned it with his brother until we refinanced last year. It never was ours, not until now when we've done all this work on it just to sell. A bit ironic, isn't it?

The other crappy thing that happened today was that some crazy receiving clerk pulled out his box knife (blade out) and started waving it all around in hubby's face. I guess not in a threatening way, more in a "I'm bat shit crazy" way. Still, hubby was pissed, doesn't like knives being waved inches from his face. Who does? He called this morning asking if I knew who was in charge of receiving at the company he was delivering to. I knew who it used to be, as I worked there before my current stint as a Mommy, but I called my friend to see how it was now. So many crappy things have been happening to hubby since he's gotten on this new route. He never complains or says how much he hates his new current work situation, but I can just tell. He HATES it. Um, how could you not? One day he is driving down the street to find a dead homeless dude has rolled out into the road in his wheelchair, he's got a "let me puff up my chest and act big" manager at one store who likes to cause troubles, and now he's got some dude waving a box knife blade in his face.

And to top it off, my father-in-law called with bad news today. Hubby was reluctant to post this on his myspaqe blog, but, sadly, I'm sure almost no one I know in real life reads this blog so I'm not going to hesitate here. My father-in-law has kidney cancer. They are going to remove his kidney and hopefully that will take care of everything. Geez, what else could come up today?

Luckily nothing. It was a dark and dreary day weatherwise, and it went perfectly with everything that happened. I made brownies and ate the hugest brownie ever, topped with a quite generous amount of ice-cream. Made me feel a little better.


  1. Not sure what to say but bummer. We had a similar experience with our much less than we were expecting and it was truly painful to discover that what we really wanted was just out of our reach. And the "staging" you mean, take all your possessions and move them into the garage so you can curse everytime you need something then realize it isn't in the house anymore...ugh.
    I am also sorry to hear about Glen's father. That is terrible. I really hope that he gets better and beats this thing. Cancer is a shitty thing to deal with. For the whole family.
    I am glad you got to go to Montana though. Sounds wonderful. I miss that part of the world a lot sometimes. I try and convince Brad to move to Southern Oregon a lot but he loves it too but I miss it there.
    Hang in there. Thinking of you (all).

  2. ps tell Glen to carry a box knife with him at all times...

  3. Awww - hugs. Sorry to hear you're having such a lousy day. What is it with bad news coming in threes?? Sounds like you've got enough on your plate for now.
    The housing market is so bad right now - it's just not fair. At least you don't HAVE to move, but I guess that's little comfort when you really want to. Have you priced out what your looking for at all? Are there at least some good buys out there? If the market is going to be depressed, it should at least offer you some deals as a buyer.
    Sorry to hear about your father-in-law as well. Hope they can get him on a treatment plan with a good prognosis.
    Hang in there!


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