Friday, January 30, 2009


...and since my Adventures in Mommyhood blog has become more of a journal of my own than a blog about motherhood, I'd better spice it up a bit with some actual parenting stuff :)

Glenn bought these wood blocks for Beanie last week. They are SO cool. We've been trying to turn the TV off (BAD habit we've started) and do some other activities. She loves playing with them and we've also started playing matching games with them too. Its a lot of fun!


  1. Great idea - can I ask where he found them? Like you, I am TRYING to come up with more semi-educational activities for Alex - as much as he'd like to just watch The Wiggles around the clock...

  2. He got them at a little local toy store, but I found a link to them here....

  3. Brandon loooves Spongebob. He can't get enough of that show. After awhile he loses interest in the TV and would be off playing with something else. I like that blocks you have for her. Have you tried flash cards? We have alphabet flash cards that have a picture of that item that starts with that alphabet. I've tried using that with him at least twice a week.

  4. Those are very cute! I admit that I've started allowing a bit of television in the mornings. But I have to say, as much as I'm not into tons of tv, Backyardigans are really cute and musical! But anyways, I know what you mean about looking for good non-tv activities. I too am always on the lookout for stuff!


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