Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's a fine line

I'm pretty opinionated about many things related to mommyhood. It's always a fine line I walk when trying to give information or advice because I do feel pretty strongly about certain things. But, the thing I feel most strongly about is allowing moms to make their own choices for their children and respecting the choices they make. Except for cases of neglect and abuse (obviously) I'm all for you making your choices and me making mine. Just because x, y, and z work for me doesn't mean they necessarily will work for you. But they might and if you're having a problem with something and come to me for advice I'll probably give you an earful.

But what about instances where your advice isn't necessarily asked for? For instance, a status update on facebook? Do you point out that research shows that the risks of induction are not something to take lightly? Do you not say anything at all? What about someone who says their 6mth old is forward facing in their carseat because they're 25lbs?

I guess sometimes it's hard for me because I do love to read and research so much & I wish everyone would do their own research before making decisions. Like, besides the fact that it's unsafe for that 6mth old to ride forward facing do they also know it's illegal?

I don't know. I only bit on the facebook status after someone else pointed out the same fact. I agreed and added my two cents. It's really not my place to be the did-you-know-this police, but sometimes there are things I wish I'd known sooner too and I guess I'll just keep walking that fine line. I mean, I like when people give me information even if it's something I know wouldn't work for our family. I listen, take what I will and leave the rest.

Just wondering what other mamas think about this. Obviously we all have our own opinions o & way of doing things....


  1. I mostly base my decisions on what my relationship is with this person. Is this someone I know irl or have known for a long time online? Also, how likely is it that what I'm saying would even be considered? Or am I just wasting my time...

    In the case of the carseat you mentioned, I'd have to speak up! It's illegal because it's UNSAFE. Inductions etc I use my guidelines above. Most of the time. Occasionally I'm just in the mood to be a crusader and feel it's my obligation to speak up b/c no one else will ;-)

  2. I'm not a parent but if that was the situation, parent or not, I'd email them privately. I try and not point out the bad, publicly.
    And don't stay quiet, Kristen...what if that person were to report a few weeks later that they had a car accident and their child is critically injured - you want to be sure that you have done "your part".


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