Friday, May 7, 2010

2.0 shall now be known as...


As in Chubby Bubby.

Because, seriously, have you ever seen cuter chubby cheeks than his?

And a funny thing about Bubby's real name (oh, yea, you thought it was Bubby???) is that his first name is my maternal gradfather's middle name and his middle name is Glenn's maternal grandfather's middle name. When the crazy lady who gave birth to Glenn my mother-in-law was in town last week she said, "I didn't realize you picked *middle name*. Grandpa would be so proud!" and Glenn replied, "Why?" She replied, "*Middle name* was Grandpa's mdidle name," and Glenn said, "Oh, it was?" And, believe it or not, it was. See this is so crazy because when Beanie was born we had a boy's name picked out first. When the crazy lady who gave birth to me my mom heard it she said, "Oh for grandpa!!" because, without even thinking about it, we had chosen my grandfather's middle name for our boy's name. And when we did finally have a boy it took Glenn and I forever to agree on a middle name. I think we literally ran through just about every boy's name known to man. And then the one that Glenn liked all along started to grow on me. And now it turns out Bubby's middle name is also a family name (I swore I would never use a family name for my kiddos!). When I told this all to my mom she said we should just say that Bubby was named after both his maternal grandfathers. Nice story, except it's not true. Now I feel like I need to make sure and let him know he wasn't named after both his maternal grandfathers.

Funny how names come about. I think Bubby is more than approrpriate though.

And since I never post pictures on here I better not leave without one of Beanie as well. Enjoy it when you can ;)


  1. The new name is going to take some getting used to - I was getting quite used to 2.0! Cute pics!

  2. He's adorable! Did Beanie have chubby cheeks too? Gabriel is definitely chubbier than Ethan was!


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