Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 is the new 1

Since I recently posted about how to share info I think is really important without overstepping the bounds of respecting others parenting choices I thought I would share this link that a friend posted on facebook. Because, you know, this is my blog so I can share all the unsolicited advice I want ;)

2 is the new 1: Rear-facing Car Seats Until At Least Age 2

Beanie rode rear facing until she was 2 1/2. Sometimes I wish we would've waited a bit longer, but I think the timing worked well.  When we went to Georgia last summer (Beanie had just turned 2) there was a huge to-do about the fact that she was still rear-facing in her seat while her cousin (who is five months younger) had been forward-facing for awhile. Whatever, I tried not to "share" too much about all the research pointing to the fact that kids are much safer RF until at least two because my sister-in-law in insanely competitive about everything (yes, even car seat positions if that's even possible). up.


  1. Yeah, I heard it too about Ethan still rear-facing when he was 2... Do people think we were just too lazy to turn the carseat around?! Geez... The only reason we turned him when we did is because I had to be the one to do it (DH is legally blind) and I wanted to do it before I got too big and awkward! Plus I wanted him to get used to it before we installed the infant seat.

  2. Sparky was rear facing until 3.25 years old. She stepped on the scale again today and she is .2 lbs too heavy to be rear facing at 3.5. I'm vaguely tempted to turn her around again.


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