Monday, May 31, 2010

So Proud.

I'm so proud of Beanie. Really, she is such a good big sister. One of the last things she has to do before heading to bed is give Bubby a "gentle kiss." She's always concerned when he's crying -- one time even running into the bathroom to tell me that he wanted to nurse. When he's upset in the mornings she grabs his hand and tells him that it's okay and to calm down in a super sweet voice. She wants to share her toys with him. She loves getting me diapers for him when I need to change him (almost to the point of getting upset if she doesn't get the chance to grab the diaper). She snuggles him, loves on him (sometimes needing to be reminded to give him some space) and wants to hold him.

Beanie talks about how she can't wait till Bubby gets bigger and he can play with her. I hope that's actually the case when he's crawling around trying to play with her toys!


  1. Aww, doesn't it make you feel like your heart could explode?? That is so great.

  2. That is so sweet! What a loving big sister.

  3. I love when they do that! Kenton's been tearing up bits of his food to feed to Tiernan at mealtimes lately. When I told him they were too big, he took them back and made them smaller! It just melts your heart!


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