Saturday, October 23, 2010


I'm pretty convinced moms should be immune from being sick. Like on Survivor. Only I don't care about immunity from some silly vote. I want an immunity necklace that keeps me well. 

Luckily it hasn't been too bad. We all got the sniffles and, luckily (or unluckily perhaps) mine were the worst! Then we all started feeling better only for me to start feeling yucky again. No fair.

When I'm sick I almost feel like I'd rather work outside of the home. Like I could go to work and just go through the day in a fog. No such luck when you've got a three year-old who feels great and a seven month-old who is in that I-only-want-my-mommy-and-she-absolutely-must-be-in-my-sight stage.

I've been trying to get some extra rest, making sure I take all my vitamins, and taking care of myself. I'm ready for all of us to be feeling 100% again.


  1. I hope you're feeling 100% soon, too! It's hard when your body is still supporting another person (nursing baby). Take it easy and get lots of rest. All those things that you want to get done will still be there when you're feeling better. =)

  2. Can you take Wellness Forumla while BF'ing? I don't take it like I should but Claudia swears by it and she buys it for all her agents so they don't get sick.


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