Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A proud babywearer.

One of the things I have really embraced as a mom of two was babywearing. The fact that I had a Moby that sat on a shelf in the closet when Beanie was a baby just perturbs me now. Back then, I was intimidated and never tried to use the Moby. I tried using it very early on with Bubby and I LOVED it. And, really, I can't believe I didn't use it with Beanie (who was definitely an in-arms babe) just because I was a little nervous to figure it out. After tying the Moby once or twice with Bubby it really became second nature. I could tie it on quickly and easily. During the day, Bubby would calm down in the Moby and often would fall asleep. In the evenings, the Moby was one of the many things in our arsenal we used to try and calm him. Over and over again. For hours on end. With the colic and food intolerance issues we have had, babywearing has been a lifesaver.

I still wear him most every day, although now we use the Ergo. I've been meaning to play around with the Moby again, but we are both quite comfortable using the Ergo right now. It's easier to get on once we're already out and about and I love that it has a zipper pocket for my wallet, phone and etc.

One of the hardest things when my back was out was not being able to babywear. It has become a part of our daily routine. Bubby feels safe and snuggly close to his mama and I can go about my day with my son close to my heart and comfortable. I know he's safe there next to me. When we go out anywhere I babywear. When he was younger the thought of lugging the infant carrier carseat around was daunting. I HATED having to use that when it was too painful to carry him. For us, it is much easier to wear Bubby and have Beanie in the shopping cart, holding my hand and walking next to me, or in the stroller. I'm sure more than a few of my Facebook friends laughed when I posted something along the lines of How do moms of two survive without babywearing??? Of course, it wasn't really as drastic as that, but not being able to babywear really put a cramp in our life. It made things harder, it made me sad, it was a difficult time for us. Luckily, Glenn seems to like the Ergo as much as I do and he did a lot of babywearing while we were in Oregon on vacation.

Things with my back have gotten better and we are back to babywearing. I'm a much happier camper and so is Bubby. It is so much easier to get out of the house and I am more comfortable with things. Babywearing has become an essential part of our life. When I think back to three years ago I almost have to laugh when I remember that I was too intimidated to try out the Moby. Now I'm a pro and help others learn how to babywear.

Babywearing has gotten some bad press lately with recalls and etc. I really wish that people were educated about babywearing, its benefits and the safe ways to babywear. Babywearing is not dangerous; for Bubby and I it was a lifesaver. Seriously. A sanity-saver. The last six-and-a-half months have been harder than I every imagined and I am so grateful we had babywearing to make it just a bit easier.


Learn more about babywearing at Adventures in Babywearing and check out the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance Facebook Page. The BCIA has posted a Call to Action asking people to blog about babywearing. Join in and spread the word on the benefits of babywearing. Thanks to Brittany over at Birth Unplugged for writing a babywearing post and alerting me to this call to action.


  1. Loved this. I started with a Moby too, and after a little bit with a pouch sling, moved back to woven wraps and then to a soft-structured Angelpack for the heavier toddler phase. Love, love, love my wraps and babywearing. Thanks for sharing; it's even more important now that us babywearing mammas share how important it has been for our early parenthood survival and bebes' comfort. :-)

  2. Big Sis is expecting, and baby wearing will probably be the norm for her and also for me when I'm helping out. Wish I'd known about it when mine were little.

  3. I started with the Moby too! I think it is (almost) everyone's gateway carrier LOL

    For the new baby I will wear her in my ring sling, Moby or Sleepy Wrap. I can't wait to wear a nb again!

  4. My hubs loves the mei tai, I love that he looks forward to wearing our babies almost as much as I do!


  5. I love my ergo. Love it. But I can't seem to make a sling of any type work for me. :(

  6. I have all the same gear as you! We're still on our first, and we didn't get our moby till our little one was 3 months, and he was aheavy baby and once he hit 15 lbs he was way too heavy in the moby. But then we got an ergo and i LOVE it!! i dont know what i would do without it sometimes!!!


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