Sunday, October 3, 2010

On the flip side.

Three is a fun age. There are so many things I love about Beanie being three.

She's curious about everything. It makes every day so much fun. She wants to know about letters, numbers, baking, why things are the way they are. She asks questions about everything and, while sometimes infuriating when they're completely repetitive, I love her inquiries. She's learning about the world at an amazing rate and it brings me great joy to see her figuring things out -- either on her own or with our help.

Her memory never ceases to amaze me. She remembers things I can't believe. The other day we went to a playdate at a coffee shop. I was packing some snacks for myself and she said, "No mommy, you don't need snacks. They have bagels for you." We haven't been there since January and she remembered I always (used to) get a bagel there. While everything in the past seems to have happened "yesterday," she remembers details about friends, places, and things that always blow my mind.

She is an empathetic & caring big sister. She has really blossomed in her roll as big sister. I'm sure there are difficulties ahead, but she is so loving to her brother. At least 99% of the time. If he's starting to get upset, she alerts me that he's hungry and wants to nurse (apparently even she knows that nursing is the "fix" to almost everything). She cheers him on as he rolls over and tries to push up on hands & knees. First thing in the morning and last thing before bed she hugs & kisses her brother. She wants to help with everything.

The littlest thing can make her the happiest girl in the world. She's three and it doesn't take anything huge to get a big smile on her face. And, in turn, mine. Yesterday was a difficult morning, but break out a tunnel and a couple balls, roll them back and forth and you'd think we were at the fair. It's the little things and I try to remember that. She is SO excited about Halloween and I can hardly wait to see the fun that Christmas will bring.

Three isn't all bad, that's for sure. The good time more than make up for the difficult ones.

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  1. Every age seems to have it's + and - points...good for you for seeing the "flip side." Someone said to me the other day "As they get older, their problems go from being small and often to being rarer and bigger..." and I am trying to keep in mind right now that although we seem to have frequent problems, thank goodness they are small :)


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