Friday, March 25, 2011

Now What?

Bubby had his one year well check on Wednesday. Everything looked great! He was 21lb 13oz, so he's gained quite nicely mostly all on breastmilk. He still only eats the smallest pieces of food (think crumb-sized), but he is doing better with textures so we just need to keep plugging away with solid foods. I'm not really worried about it, but it is sometimes hard to see other little babies eating anything and everything in sight and see little Bubby gagging on a piece of quinoa. But, now he eats avocado, chicken, shredded apple, rice, banana, Rice Krispies -- lots of different textures so we just keep on working with things. For awhile I was wondering if we'd be looking at feeding therapy in our future so it's a good sign that he seems to be doing better.

We talked with our pediatrician about Bubby's food intolerances. She said that because his issues are largely gastrointestinal (if not entirely, he may have had some hives with soy but we are not sure they were related) there really isn't any testing we can do at this point. I want to look into that a bit further because I have friends who have had testing done by their naturopath. At this point, I wonder how accurate they really would be anyway since Bubby has never consumed the food that he reacts to. Our pediatrician encouraged trying the usual suspects again and seeing how he reacts. I'm just not sure. I don't see the harm in waiting longer. I plan on nursing for quite a while still, so there isn't any hurry (or need) for him to have cow's milk. We both seem to feel better not eating wheat. The soy is kind of a pain in the butt to worry about because it's in everything, but since we eat basically whole unprocessed foods now it's not as much of a concern. I just feel like we're in a good place now and why mess up a good thing?

Glenn and I have to chat about it some more. He leans toward trying soy, which is the one allergen we haven't re-introduced since the main elimination diet. I'm leary. When we initially reintroduced soy during the elimination diet we didn't think he had a problem. Weeks passed and then we noticed that he was getting hives and his gastrointestinal problems were back. I re-eliminated soy and both problems went away. I haven't touched soy (in any form) until very recently when I started taking some vitamins that had soy lecithin in them. My counselor thought it was important to start up with my vitamins (along with added Vitamin D and Omega 3s) and I figured the benefits outweighed the negatives right now. He hasn't shown any signs of a problem with it, so that's good. I think if we're reintroducing soy I have plans to go to my favorite Thai restaurant.

I don't know. I'm a bit rambly as this is weighing on my mind.


  1. Gabriel didn't start eating solids till he was about 13 months old. He just skipped baby food altogether and went straight to table food :-P GL with the soy decision!

  2. That's nearly how Spunky eats too and Bubby outweighs her even though she's twice as old.

  3. Food sensitivities are scary sometimes, I can understand your hesitation. Follow your gut, mamas usually know what's best for their kids intuitively.

  4. I know every kiddo is different, but Evelyn's diet looked a lot like Bubby's at that age. It seems normal to me. Good luck with the next step in the world of food sensitivities/ allergies. I think the naturopath might be really helpful!

  5. The test our naturopath does will probably still catch a major reaction, like Bubby seems to have with wheat and dairy. You are right that if he just has a small problem with soy, and he hasn't been exposed recently it might not get caught, but they do measure the reaction over a couple of days. And, if you have some soy in the vitamins you are taking, that might be enough of a base level in his system.


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