Saturday, August 30, 2008

The other side of the coin

I'm not usually a "glass half empty" type person. I try to be optimistic, although I'm sure some of my mom's always-negative-about-everything attitude has rubbed off on me. I don't know what it is with the house (and its potential sale) that makes me look at everything on the negative. For instance, over lunch hubby and I discussed whether or not we should have the realtor come out before we go on our trip. I explained my reasoning for not having him come before (detailed in my previous blog post). After listening to me, he played devil's advocate and explained some very good reasoning to have the realtor come out earlier. He asked why I always imagined only the negative. Who knows? Maybe the realtor will come up and say we can list our house for higher than we anticipate. That would make for a good vacation, right? We don't need to sell our house right away, we aren't moving for work, we can afford our current mortgage. There is no imminent reason to move right away. Sure, it would be nice to sell the house quickly; we are both looking forward to a larger home with a yard...more room for Beanie and a potential #2 in the future. But we don't HAVE to get out. So, yea, maybe we will have him come out beforehand. Who knows, we could be happily surprised and, if disappointed, we have a whole week away to get a game plan in our heads. And we'll be with my stepdad, who is nothing short of a real estate expert and might have some good advice for us!

That's all, my glass is now half full :)

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