Friday, October 31, 2008

Been having a tough time lately...

Might as well just fess up. Things have been rough & nothing seems to be going right. The only good thing that has been happening is that Beanie is sleeping better. Well, except for last night. She was up at 9:00, 12:15, 2:45 (for an hour!), 4:45 and somewhere around 6 or so. I know her molars are bothering her (the bottom ones are finally coming through!!) and I do feel bad for her, but I really was getting used to the long stretches of sleep.

Anyways, I am SO nervous about the house. I want it to sell and us to move. Granted, we are in a good position where we don't have to move, but that doesn't change how much I want to. After having a dozen showings in the first two weeks on the market, we haven't gotten one call in two weeks. I'm sure its not our specific house, but rather the general bad news and hohum about the economy that is affecting our showings. But sucks!

Glenn doesn't want to talk about work, or much else either it seems. I am starving for some adult conversation! He doesn't seem to want to do anything as a family. Um, how can he not be excited to go trick or treating??? lol. I am looking forward to it, but seems like he'd rather not. Last night he went to bed early, saying there wasn't anything to do and he didn't want to watch TV. Um, how about hang out with your wife and daughter? I guess that's "nothing."

Well, I'll look on the bright side; we are meeting some friends tonight to go trick or treating at the mall and, whether or not Glenn thinks its going to be fun, I am excited. I just hope this darn rain stops as it is an outdoor mall!

So, confession...I am feeling pretty crappy! I don't have much motivation to do anything and would really like to have some happier times as a family. I know part of it is the time of year and part of it is that I'm not doing the things I know would make me feel better. I can't change how other people relate to me, but I can change how I act. So, that is my first step. Wish me luck :)

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