Friday, October 10, 2008

Hop on, we're going for a ride...

I'm doing the unthinkable. Or at least entertaining the idea. I'm going back to work. Financial things being the way they are, it is just a necessity. Honestly, I hate the idea. I wouldn't mind going back in a few months when Beanie has (hopefully) cut back a little more on nursing. That is my biggest issue with going back to work. That and I said I would never go back to my old job. My old boss gave me an offer I couldn't refuse though. So, now it just depends on what is going on with Glenn's job. There is still a lot up in the air right now with his work.

I filled out the online application and, boy, it made me remember all the stupid things I hated about my job before. The questions were downright odd & I'm sure I'm going to be pegged as some crazy person who hates working with the public. A big flashing DO NOT HIRE or something. The application and personality survery are, in essence, just a formality. My old boss said to come back and he will make it work for me. He'll basically do whatever I need. Awesome. Can't turn that down.

The survery asked things like Do you like making small talk with people? No, but I think I can handle "Hi, how are you? Paper or plastic? Thank you." You prefer working on a team rather than alone. Heck no. I always said if I ever went back to work in would be in a job where I could work in solitude and not have to work with the public AT ALL. Your stuff is usually tidy. My "stuff?" Exactly what stuff are they referring to? I was reading these aloud to Glenn as I was completing the survey and our minds both went into the gutter.

The stupid survey made me dislike the idea of going back to work even more. All the bureacratic bologna I had to deal with, the people, the boring job that made me feel like my mind was slowly disintegrating. But, you know what, I don't have to enjoy it, just like it a little. It would likely only be for a few days a week. And I enjoy my other job (mommy) enough that I can handle doing some mindless crap a couple days a week in order to bring in more money. Secretly, I am hoping the "up in the air" stuff at Glenn's job gets worked out pretty soon and maybe I won't have to go back right now anyways.


We've had four people come by to look at the condo. Pretty postive feedback overall. One couple commented that "they didn't like the family room, that it seemed to be the only room in the house not updated." We immediately became defensive. Do they know what it used to look like? Obviously they don't, but it (to us) is very noticeably updated. We had to laugh at ourselves afterwards because just the day before we had been commenting on a couple on a show on HGTV. It was one of those shows where they have open houses and they tape what the people are saying about the house. For one, these peoples' house was cluttered to heck, they had the weirdest, most ornate furniture I have ever seen, and they had a Xmas tree up. The problem was, it was springtime. Well, when the family saw the feedback from the people who came through the open house they were very defensive. "Well, its their problem they can't see past our stuff." Well, it was also the couple's problem considering their house had been on the market over eight months. But we did the same thing! How can they not see our living room is updated? What is wrong with them? We'll see what future feedback says, but I tend to think it was just that one couple's opinion.

It really is a roller coaster having the condo on the market. We were really bummed last Saturday when we hadn't gotten any calls to show the condo. Then on Sunday we had two calls. The second couple stood outside talking to their realtor for 45minutes. We were sure it was a good sign (as we were sitting up in the visitor parking above our place, you can only drive around for so long!). They wouldn't have anything to talk about if they didn't like the place, right? Maybe they were discussing making an offer? We found out the next day that they liked the condo but they hated the complex. Ugh! Nothing we can do about that. So, I guess it was just small talk after all. It is so exciting to have a showing, then we are pins and needles waiting for the feedback, and then here we go again. Currently we are still waiting for the feedback from the 4th showing. It is the first time it has taken more than 24 hours and I am anxious to know what they thought. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure they didn't like it as there were few footprints on the carpet. Before we really looked for them, I thought they hadn't even ventured into the living room.


Beanie is sick. I thought it was just her molars but today I am sure she has got a little something. She is so cranky, wants to be held all day and is nursing like a newborn. Poor girl. I hope she feels better soon. Actually she is quite needy at the present moment so I must go.

More later...

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