Saturday, October 11, 2008

Its a beautiful day!!

It is a gorgeous fall day today. Crisp, cold, but sunny. As I sat on the couch this morning I thought Boy, it would be an awesome day to have people come and look at the condo. The mountains were in full view, the sun was shining, the natual light was filling our condo. It was THE perfect day. And, you know what? We got calls for two showings today! I am hopeful they went well. We have another showing scheduled for tomorrow so I am hoping for more beautiful fall weather.


Unfortunately, the day started in somewhat of a daze. As I said previously, all of us are feeling a bit under the weather. Beanie went to bed early last night and so did I. But she woke up just a bit before midnight and was up until almost 3:30! Too much for this tired mommy to handle. She finally fell asleep by throwing herself down the bed, over my knees, and conked out. I was able to move her up next to me and we slept until she woke up again at 5. Ack!! I was in tears. I was feeling sick, tired, and frustrated with Beanie. Most of all tired. We had just been up for almost 3 1/2 hours. What was she thinking? Poor girl. We got up, changed her diaper, gave her some Tylenol, called Glenn in tears (so much he could barely understand me), and then I nursed her and, luckily, she fell asleep. We slept until almost nine this morning. I was really hoping for a nap with her this afternoon, but we had to make due with a car nap for her and no nap for me. That's what having a house for sale will do to you, I guess. Glenn was hoping for a nap too, but both of us agreed we'd rather have the condo be shown than have a nap.

I was really bummed though because Beanie and I were supposed to go on a walk for Out of the Darkness with my sister. She did a 20 mile overnight walk for their cause a few months ago, and we were all going to head out for a 3 mile walk this morning. Out of the Darkness helps raise awareness for suicide prevention. A quite worthy cause. But, I had to text her at 7 this morning when I realized there was no way Beanie and I were going to make it to the walk. Bummer.


Beanie is such a good helper these days. She likes to help load the dishwasher (okay, she thinks she's helping, but she's really just unloading as I load), with the laundry, and especially with dusting. Today she grabbed her Swiffer duster and exclaimed "dust!" She is such a smart girl.


Alright, off to make some dinner or something. I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer so my great idea of fajitas is slowly fading away. I might have to settle on leftovers or something boring, which I really don't want to do. We've had enough boring dinners this week. Between being pretty much broke this week & having evening (read dinner-time) showings on the condo, we've had a lot of bowls of cereal.


  1. I hope you all feel better! I know that there is a bug going around. Everyone at home and work are sick. I should bring Lysol and spray wherever I go. I hate being sick.


  2. Tis the season to feel like crap...sorry to hear that you are going through it WHILE trying to sell your condo. Ugh. Everyone has the stomach flu in my neck of the woods and I smear on Purell like it is going out of style. Maybe I should just break down and get a flu shot...I feel like the last time I had one was when I worked at QFC. It has been a while...
    Fell better.
    And check out the Snow Confessions blog today. I am posting there next.


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