Monday, November 3, 2008

Beanie has her appt with the pediatric dermatologist today

I'm pretty sure they are going to confirm what Glenn and I have been thinking for the last few months. When we went to the dermatologist six months ago they weren't sure if the birthmark on her arm was a hemangioma or a lymphatic malformation. Due to things we have noticed over the last six months I am pretty sure it is a lymphatic malformation, which means it won't just go away on its own. I think they just leave them be, but we'll see at her appointment.

***update*** copied and pasted from PO for you gals that are there too :)

What an ordeal, let me tell you! Our appointment was at 9:30. We got there a couple minutes early. They didn't take us back to the exam room until a good 35-40 minutes later. The medical asst asked what we were there for & I said "a follow up to check on her hemangioma or lymphatic malformation or whatever it is. They weren't sure last time." In the snottiest voice ever she says "Its a hemangioma." We sat in there forever waiting for the doctor, by which time Beanie was having a major meltdown and I was getting really mad. Just when I was about to leave the exam room and tell them we'd just reschedule the doctor came in. Sorry, she said, its been one of those Monday mornings . I replied that Beanies's patience was exhausted (I should've added mine was too.) The doc takes about two seconds to look at Beanies's arm and listens to what I say DH and I had been noticing over the last few months, that is feels warm to the touch (sometimes downright hot), that it seems to fluctuate in size, and that it is sometimes firmer than usual. The doc says "yep, its a lymphatic malformation" and proceeds to close up her chart like she was all done and let's go. So I started asking some questions. The lymphatic malformations do not go away on their own so I was wanting to know what the course of action would be. She answered them, but wasn't even looking at me (was she looking at the clock past me?? Its not my fault she was over an hour behind by her 2nd or 3rd appt of the day!!). Basically, they don't usually recommend doing anything unless the malformation becomes problematic in some way. It may even diminish in appearance as Beanie grows. It is hardly noticeable now. We have to watch it if she bumps it bc, since it involves the lymph system, the risk of infection is higher. If, as she gets older, it repeatedly gets bumped or causes other problems then they would recommend trying to remove it. Anyways, she said to come back in two years. By that time we'll have moved (hopefully!) and will likely see someone else, which is good because, after today, I didn't plan on going back there anyway. For now we just have to watch it, especially if it gets bumped or anything like that.


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