Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm hoping for some showings this weekend.

That would be nice! Except for the fact that I've been sitting around lazily all morning instead of tidying the house up. And now I'm blogging. I'd better get my butt in gear!

Cross your fingers for some showings for our condo this weekend.


  1. Kristen, I just caught up on your recent blog entries -- I've been so wrapped up in my own stuff, I haven't been checking the blogs I read regularly as often (I should say, as obsessively) as I normally do! Anyway, I am sorry that Glenn's new route is, uh, not ideal, and that you had been feeling ho-hum. I feel like it's so easy to be stuck in a rut now that I'm a mom, and home most of the time. I wait for Johnny to come home and have adult conversation, but sometimes he's so tired, we just plop down in front of the TV! I'm glad you and Glenn talked and that things are better now. :)

  2. Did you get any showings? In my experience, they tend to come in waves, so I hope you get a bunch soon!


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