Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In complete denial.

My baby boy is six months old today.

My last baby is six months old.

Didn't I give birth to him, like, yesterday???

He was so tiny. (As an aside, it's so funny because when people meet Bubby -- all almost eighteen pounds of him -- they assume he was big at birth. Like ten pounds. But, no, he was 6lb 13oz. All that chunk is due to mommy milk thank you very much.)

He laughs & giggles. Thinks his sister is the funniest thing ever.

He's got an awesome tuft of long hair right on top of his head. Makes for a great comb-over.

He smiles huge.

He sits up.

He's cutting his first tooth.

He blows raspberries & drools everywhere.

He tries so hard to talk. Says hi. And has ma, da, and ba sounds down. Sometimes the "muuuuumm" when he wants his mama. Sometimes a dada. Beanie tries hard to get him to say, "Big Sissy."

He loves being in the Ergo. Thankfully I've helped Glenn discover the Ergo while my back is healing.

He loves being outside and seeing new things.

He's the cutest little baby boy I've ever seen. Not that I'm biased or anything.

And he's six months old?!??!?!?!

Gheesh. Before I know it, he'll be one.

Happy Half Birthday Sweet Boy!

You can read Bubby's birth story here.


  1. Gosh, the fact that he is 6 months already just reminds me that Lucas is not too far behind him. Crazy! Hard to believe they grow up so fast!

  2. I can't believe it either! I didn't realize he was that small at birth. That was Zoe's birth weight and you know how tiny she still is.


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