Sunday, September 26, 2010

TV Turn off Week 2010 Success!

Last week was TV Turn Off Week. We were successful! Not in having it completely off the whole week, but we really cut back. On most days Beanie saw one, maybe two, shows, so less than an hour of TV. And, if there is such a good thing, we watched "good" shows. Word World. Super Why! And a little bit of Kipper before bed. Oh, we love Kipper in this house.

And to put a final punctuation mark in TV Turn Off Week, on Friday we went in and downgraded our cable. We've talked about if for quite some time, both for financial reasons and because it would force a shake-up in our media addiction. Now we have 2-29, basically the news and some local stations. PBS for Beanie. We gave up Comedy Central, On Demand, HBO and a whole lot of other stuff. And we're saving a TON of money.

The thing I've noticed over the last week is that if we don't turn on the TV first thing in the morning (before I'd often turn it on for Beanie while I made breakfast), then it doesn't stay on for hours afterward. It's too easy to just keep it on. If you never turn it on, then no worries! Beanie has taken to playing in her playroom while I make breakfast. Doing puzzles. Helping me. I don't get online (which is a topic for another post -- I've really been working on cutting back on that media addiction!). When I lay Bubby down for his first nap (usually 1 1/2 hours after we wake up) Beanie may watch a show. While he naps we have been doing "school."

Last night Beanie was upset we couldn't watch The Good Night Show before bed. I think we may go pick up a Kipper DVD so we can watch a quick episode before stories and bed.

So, success! If you've read this blog for any amount of time you probably know of my love/hate relationship with television. From The Great TV Test of 2009 to my constant (failed) efforts to curb our television viewing to the recurrent mommy guilt about TV, internet and etc. I'm really excited about this change in our household. I think it'll force us to give up something that has become a habit for us. And, who knows what we'll find ourselves doing instead!


  1. That's really good, Kristen. I try and limit Abhinav to 3 episodes every day. It is a huge challenge not to let him watch any more than that. Now that the weather is getting colder, I am looking for more activities to do. He loves the sticker to pattern matching book --- but we are nearly done with that book, and are looking for some more books of the same sort. Anyway, I just wanted to say WTG. I know you are trying to cut down online time, but it has been a while since I saw you on the July board. I miss your posts :)


  2. We cancelled cable a year and a half ago - as soon as we noticed that Austin, then 6 months old, was "watching" it, and haven't looked back. Not only have we saved a ton of $$, but we spend a lot more time together as a family. Although I do miss it sometimes (we don't have an antennae and so don't get ANYTHING AT ALL) - especially the Today show in the morning, (my guilty pleasure), it has been fantastic.

  3. I totally agree that not turning it on first thing in the morning is the best way to curb TV-watching! Also, E is a major Kipper fan ;)


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