Sunday, May 4, 2008!

Apparently Miss Beans didn't get the memo that last night was mom and daddy's date night. Instead of going to bed like a good girl at 7pm she decided to stay up until nine. Which would've left enough time for date night, should she not have been up for 2 hours the night before and I was exhausted and Hubby had been up since 1am working and then coming home and working on the house. By the way, the kitchen looks fabulous, hubby made a lot of progress yesterday and I managed to get the whole thing cleaned while Beans was playing yesterday morning.

So, she goes down at nine. Up at midnight. Rock her back to sleep. Up at 3:00. Hubby's alarm goes off for work and we reset it for 4:00. First thing he says is "I'm taking a nap today." Poor guy. She was up for a bit and then up for good around 7 or so. Gheesh!

I'm drinking coffee. She's getting cranky. Maybe its time for a nap?

And I still haven't gotten to watch Juno :(

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