Friday, December 5, 2008


I'm pretty down in the dumps and not much in the mood for writing so this'll likely be quite short. I have to go to training tomorrow morning for work, so my sis is on her way over so she can watch Beanie in the morning until Glenn gets home from work. While I kind of like getting out of the house and having "adult" time every once in awhile, I am really hating my schedule. Seems like I work every one of Glenn's nights off. It really sucks. I guess its just what we have to do right now, but Glenn seems all out of sorts about it as well. All snappy, bummed out, thinking he has to be Superman and do everything. Why not just ask for help if you want/need it? I feel like if I'm working one day and we just have a little bit of family time its better spent together than worrying about whether or not the carpet has been vacuumed. Not that I have that excuse for today, I'm just saying....

Ah, what does Scarlett O'Hara say? After all, tomorrow is another day!

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