Saturday, December 6, 2008

What the heck?

How did my blog get some fancy pants little icon? Hmmm....I have all the blogs I follow saved in my favorites. They all have the little Blogger "B" to the left of them in my list. Well, all of the sudden tonight my blog has a fancy pants red icon-y thing next to it. How did that happen? What is going on? I've seen other people have different ones for their blogs, but I assumed it was something you had to do yourself, or have some advanced blog know-how to do. So, what the heck? Does anyone else see this, or am I nuts?

*** okay, totally weird...when I go to my blog through a link from another site I still see the Blogger "b." What is wrong with my computer? Is it possessed? Hmmm, considering the history of this computer it wouldn't completely surprise me. Someone please tell me what is going on! LOL.

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