Thursday, December 4, 2008

Parental quirks.

Glenn always pokes fun at me because I still cut Beanie's food into really small pieces. Hey, seeing as how the kiddo jams three or four (or a handful) of pieces in her mouth at once I figure the smaller the better. I logically know she doesn't need them cut up so small anymore, but it makes me feel better as I watch her eating habits. So the other day Beanie and I were eating tortilla chips. I know, not the healthiest but she does get them once in a while. Well, come to find out Glenn breaks off the corners of any chips or crackers he gives her. I guess that's his quirk. I know tortilla chips can poke the heck out of your gums (they do mine sometimes), but I'm usually not in the habit of breaking off the corners for her. I told him he can stop giving me a hard time about cutting up her food and I won't mention breaking corners off crackers. Deal made.

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