Friday, December 26, 2008


Seemingly everyone except for me knows the saying for the United States Postal Service. It goes something like this...

Through wind and rain, snow and sleet....

I say everyone because everyone I tell that we've only gotten mail once in the last week starts reciting this slogan. Granted, we have gotten a lot of snow. Eight-and-a-half inches last Thursday, 5 inches on Saturday, 10 inches overnight Saturday into Sunday, and a few inches on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. But we don't have 30+ inches of snow on the ground, it has warmed up a bit in between snows. I've seen small front wheel drive cars make it up the hill out of our condo (some of them with the help of Glenn's shovel). So, come on US Postal Service...its Christmas week! Make a little extra effort. For god's sake park and the top of our little hill and walk the damn mail down (I saw UPS drivers doing this on the news).

My mother-in-law is bugging me daily to know if we've gotten our package yet. No, we still haven't gotten any mail. My Christmas card collection on the closet door is a little bare, but I'm sure a ton will show up whenever the mailman finally decides he might be able to make it down our little hill.

Anyway, I'm just a bit disappointed and sort of glad I never knew the USPS slogan because obviously it doesn't hold true.

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