Friday, February 20, 2009

Busy Pandas.

Beanie found the coolest book at the library yesterday. She has a "thing" for Kung Fu Panda (and by thing I mean she would watch it 3x a day every day if she could) so when she saw a panda book at storytime we decided to check it out. I'm taking steps towards getting over my germ library book phobia. Yes, I know its completely irrational but there's something about library books that just gives me the eebie-jeebies. And, yes, I am the nerd who would spend hours on hours doing research in the university library.

Anyways, we were reading the book yesterday when I flipped the page to see "Panda nursing." So cool! I told Beanie I liked the book even more now. I tried to explain how cool it was to Glenn, but he just didn't get it. Said he didn't understand the "breastfeeding lib" (his exact words) stuff. Now I wouldn't exactly describe myself as "breastfeeding lib" but you have to admit most books, toys, etc involve bottle-feeding which yes I know you can pump and feed in a bottle but you know what I'm getting at.

But, come to think of it I probably am "breastfeeding lib." While I don't often nurse-in-public (pretty much never now as we're down to nursing before naps and bedtime for the most part -- except for days like yesterday) I think it is important to protect a woman's right to do so. I think new moms should be supported, educated, and helped with breastfeeding. I wish people didn't think it was odd that I'm still nursing my almost twenty-month-old. So, okay, I am breastfeeding lib. I'm sure Glenn got the idea from my comment that I'd want to get this or similar onesie if we had a boy (to which I got a resounding "no").

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  1. Love the onesie! I don't know - maybe there's something that kicks in after breastfeeding awhile that causes us woman to become all "breastfeeding lib" about it. I feel the same way!


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