Thursday, February 19, 2009

So excited!

At the risk of sounding like a total dork, I made a friend.

LOL. I've been feeling pretty lonesome lately. Seems like Beanie and I haven't made any really close friends through my moms group & the couple I have made (through there or wherever) or knew before it just seems like we haven't been able to meet up like I'd hoped. I'm busy, they're busy...its hard! Plus, I seem to keep in better touch with my online mommy friends than my real life ones. Oops!

Well, today Beanie and I headed to the library for storytime. I was "hosting" for my moms group. I say hosting in quotes because there really isn't much hosting to do for a public library storytime. I long for the days when we have a house with room to host a playdate! Anyways, I was wearing my old Huntington Beach sweatshirt (from 2001 when Glenn and I got engaged) and after storytime was over the gal sitting next to me asked if I was from California. No, but it go the conversation rolling! They had just moved here from CA and her daughter is just a bit older than Beanie. I was brave (haha, brave for me) and suggested we should meet at the park sometime. We exchanged phone numbers even. I feel like a dorky kid who made a friend on my first day at a new school (ok, honestly I don't know that experience bc I grew up in the same house all through elementary, junior and high school). I was all smiles headed home and couldn't wait to text Glenn and tell him. Now I just have to be brave again and call!!

Yay for new friendships :)


  1. Aw Kristen...I wish we lived a bit closer. We could hang out all the time. I'm just never out that way, and when I am J is usually with me. We should make more of an effort to get together, even if it's only once a month or something like that - Kelley (

  2. That's awesome! Honestly, I think it just gets harder and harder to meet new people as we get older, and I have yet to find any mommy friends with kids around the same age as mine. Good for you!

  3. Yay, Kristen! It takes such a long time to build adult friendships, even after (or especially after) we're moms. I have two good in-real-life mom friends, with sons who were also born in July 2007 (but, hey, we have tons of good online mommy friends!). The first time we exchanged phone numbers, I swear it was more nerve-wracking than exchanging numbers with a guy. Anyway, congratulations on a new friend! :)

    If we lived closer, we would get together all the time, I know it! :)


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