Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A mixed bag.

Last Tuesday Glenn got the news that his "stay of execution" may be cut short. If you remember he was covering for 2 different people -- a paternity leave and a medical leave. Well, the guy who was supposed to have surgery chickened out because he is scared to get cut. He has a hernia though, so not sure how that will actually work...isn't he just putting off the inevitable? So Glenn just had this week left of work. Scary! Yesterday we found out he has until the end of next week and that they are still trying to find something more long-term (and hopefully permanent) for him. Luckily (or unluckily because I'm not really looking forward to it) I can likely step right into full-time employment at my job. Really it is a blessing. Its not often that you could go so easily from 6 hours a week to 40 in the blink of an eye.

And....we got news that we have an offer on the condo!!! We are meeting with our realtor this afternoon to discuss it. As expected in this market it is low. We'll see just how low and if we can make anything work through a counter offer. We were hoping that we were at a price point that would get a closer-to-full-price offer, but in this market I guess you can't be surprised by anything.

Cross your fingers for us please!! We can use good news on both fronts!


  1. I hope the offer on the condo is not too low! I am sorry to hear the situation with Glenn's job. I hope they find something permanent for him.

  2. I am crossing my fingers for you and the fam! Good luck!! I have a good feeling about it...

  3. Good luck!!! Fingers and toes are crossed for you on both fronts!


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