Friday, February 13, 2009

My bad.

Ergh, I got an email this morning that I had been declined for membership in a mommy's group that I signed up for through Lame! They screen all their members to make sure you are "real," not some creepy deepy trying to join the group. They want you to come to one of their public events or call and have an interview with the organizer. Well, the events didn't work because they were nighttime mommy-only ones which don't work for me and I've been so busy I didn't get around to calling the organizer! Boohoo.

Sigh. I guess its probably better to stick to the mommy group I am already really involved in and try to join some new ones once we move and things settle down. Still, it sucked getting an email that I had been declined for membership. My bad for dropping the ball :(


  1. Aww, that's too bad, but totally understandable. Hey, and at least they didn't meet you and THEN decline your application. :-)

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  3. Oh, yeah, I agree with Kristin, too. :)


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