Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can you hear me now?

Ah, another late night can't sleep post....

Apparently the network doesn't include our short term rental. We have the crappiest cell service here ever and tonight my frustration with it came to a head.

Its been a trying week. Had to go to the docs myself on Monday. Waited FOREVER to get a prescription. From 5:30pm Tuesday until early morning Wednesdaty Beanie threw up ten (yes, TEN) times. Took her to the doc early Wed where they force fed her fluids through a syringe. Force fed like Glenn and I holding her down while she's screaming and the nurse pops 1cc of 7up into her mouth. She doesn't eat or drink hardly anything on Wednesday and today I woke up worrying we'd be taking her to the ER for IV fluids. Luckily she is doing lots better.

Earlier today we went out to return our movies at Blockbuster. I decided to pop into Walgreen's and get some cough syrup as I haven't gotten much of any sleep the last few nights (Tuesday with Beanie & last night with me coughing up a storm).

Take some cough syrup after dinner. Remember later I forgot to take my prescription with dinner. Take another dose of cough syrup before bed. Lie in bed feeling like I'm all sweaty, woozy, dizzy, yuck. Remember that both the doctor and pharmacist told me about 6 times not to drink any alcohol whatsoever while taking prescription. Remember that cough syrup has alcohol in it. Freak out because I feel like shit and took contraindicated meds. Get online. Go to webMD where the first thing it says under interaction for my med is "do not take with cough or cold medications." Feel even more sweaty, hot, dizzy...get really anxious and freak out and wake up Glenn.

*are you wondering yet where the cell phone part comes in???*

Call the on-call doc because I'm so worried now. totally anxious and sweaty and thirsty as all get out. Meanwhile, glenn has gone back to bed. Thanks honey, I'm just sitting here thinking I'm going to die, have a seizure, pass out, etc. No big deal. Wait for doc to call back. And wait. And wait. And wait. Then my phone beeps that I have a voicemail. Oh. My. Fucking. God. Are you kidding me??? Now I'm really about to have a nervous breakdown. I call the after-hours service again and ask them to page the doc again (because all she said in the message was to page again...ergh). I go downstairs where I think/hope/pray we have better service. Same thing happens again. Oh no, talk about a nervous breakdown now. So I run upstairs and put on some shorts (yes I was just in shirt and underwear...I was hot, remember) and go outside to call the answering service again. For the third time. Luckily this time the gal (who was so nice even though I probably sounded like a crazy person) was able to connect me straight through to doc. Sat out on curb and talked about my vaginal problems, prescription meds and etc with the doc. Great, I'm sure the neighbors love me now.

In short, doc wasn't too worried about the drug interaction and was more worried I had a second infection that wasn't being treated. Got inside. Threw up. Calmed down. Took my calling docs office in the morning.

Ah, nothing like thinking you'll be heading to the ER first thing in the morning and then again right before bed. Sigh.

Thanks crappy cell phone service for making my stressful night even more so.


Okay, I promise no more midnight postings because I am sure this was total mumbo jumbo. But, as I was lying in bed next to Beanie writing this blog in my head I figured I might as well get up and type it out. I knew sleep would come in shorter order is this blog was written and done with.

And, lesson learned, stay away from google or other online resources for med information. Especially when you're already freaking out as is.

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  1. Honestly, I think they need to make you certify to Google that you are not currently suffering form any symptoms before they let you do a search... :-)

    Sorry to hear about your ordeal - dealing with crappy cell phones sucks, and dealing with them in what may or may not be an emergency must be totally nerve-wracking. I hope you are having a better day today!


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