Monday, April 6, 2009

New AAP recommendation for carseats

I haven't had the time (or energy) to blog much lately, but I did want to post this link.

The AAP now recommends keeping your toddler rear-facing in their carseat until at least age 2. We have had Beanie rear-facing this whole time. She's a little peanut anyway, just about 24lbs at 21 months old. Good to know we were up to date with the cutting edge of research, as Glenn said. Actually, as far as I am aware the research has been out for quite awhile and the AAP is just now "catching up."

Here's the link...


And, in other news, I am a bit peeved as the "j" key on our new laptop seems to have popped halfway off. Somehow I think Beanie and her thermometer have something to do with it, but I'm glad we bought it at Costco because I know they will either fix/replace our laptop. I love Costco.


  1. I saw the car seat thing, and was kind of surprised, because I thought they were on board all along with the idea of keeping kids rear-facing as long as the seat will allow (as opposed to a specific age). Our seat is allowed to face backwards until either 30 or 35 pounds, I can't remember quite which one, so I suspect we'll make it past the two-year mark, with Alex currently somewhere around 25-26 pounds...

  2. Hmmm. I also thought that was their recommendation. But, I'm not suprised that the AAP is just now catching up with what a lot of people already know. Boo is only at 24-25 pounds right now. He's also a little bitty one. So, per our seat recommendations, he'll definitely make it past two. And I plan to leave him that way until he reaches the weight limit of rear facing. When we bought our car seat, I specifically looked for something that had a higher weight limit for the back seat.

  3. Hey--that's cool. My three year-old twins are only 27-29 pounds. Age doesn't mean much really. Gotta keep the wee ones safe!


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