Friday, April 17, 2009

Ten things I've learned not having cable.

10. I don't miss all that background noise. At all.

9. It is hard (really hard) to get the dishes done quickly without being able to pop Beanie down watching Spongebob for a few moments.

8. I miss some of my shows.

7. Sometimes you just have to resort to watching cartoons on Especially if mom is feeling quite ill and its the only way you can get a toddler to sit still.

6. Its a lot easier to talk to your husband when the TV isn't on.

5. I don't ever know what the weather is going to be like. (yes, I know I can go online for that)

4. Grey's Anatomy is a really good show. Our landlord had season one on DVD here and Glenn started watching it and got sucked in. Then I got sucked in. Then we had to go and rent season two from Blockbuster.

3. Not having access to TV doesn't mean that I automatically turned into "crafty mom." I'm still working on that.

2. I have dirty dishes in the sink, laundry to be folded, dusting & vacuuming to do. Somehow I think if Beanie had just a little TV time I might be able to get all of it done. See my habits? In reality if we had a baby gate or video monitor cord that worked (need to call on that one) I would probably feel more comfortable being downstairs getting all that done while she was sleeping. In reality, if we hadn't all been sick this last week it probably would've gotten a little more done.

1. No TV + Sunshine = getting out of the house a lot more!!

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  1. I totally agree about not missing the lack of background noise. While I haven't made strong efforts to cut back on TV, I have made a point to turn it off when we're NOT watching it. I used to feel like I needed the noise, but now I find the peace and quiet so . . . peaceful! But I do agree that cartoons are extremely helpful, if not necessary, to getting stuff done with a toddler around - The Wiggles and one or two other shows are the only things that will slow Alex down enough to let me give him less than my full attention!


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