Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wheat Free Once Again

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I wrote previously about the fact that we reintroduced wheat into my diet. At the time, things seemed to be going swimmingly for Bubby and not so hot for me. It's been almost two weeks now since I've reintroduced wheat. While I have started to feel better, Bubby has seemed to go downhill. I still don't really know with any certainty if it is the wheat bothering him right now. There hadn't been anything that really stood out until last night. Earlier this week, I thought I may have seen tiny blood specks in his diaper. As I said earlier, it's hard being the poop police and I wasn't really sure. As of last night I am sure. Bubby has been crankier (so much that Glenn jokingly called him Baby Godzilla today) and I feel like his diapers have been going downhill. The ironic part is that I was just starting to feel better with our wheat introduction, although I still have some undesirable gastrointestinal issues.

Before last night, my thinking was to introduce wheat directly into his diet (although who knows how that would go as he doesn't really consume anything beyond breastmilk). I thought it was our best bet to figure out if that was really what was bothering him. Now, I feel like our only logical option is to re-eliminate. As I said earlier, for me eating gluten-free really isn't that hard. And, if dairy and soy were back in our diet eating gluten-free would be very easy. So, back to the drawing board! We'll re-eliminate the wheat, wait a few weeks and try the dairy.

At least, that is our thinking for now. I feel like it really is for the best.


  1. How was his poop different? More frequent and runny? Mucousy? I wouldn't know what to look for either, especially when there's crankiness from potential teething, colds, etc.

  2. Poor bubby! I am sure it is hard to figure out what to do, but if it makes you feel any better my husband couldnt start solids til he was a year because he had so many allergies. Now he has almost none. Was just a difficult baby ;)

  3. It sounds like the best choice for you both. Good luck with the dairy.

  4. Ugh I think I was having bubby sympathy pains last night :( That or it really is time for me to finally see a doctor and find out what intolerances I may have.


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