Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Been a Long Week.

We've had snow on the ground for the last week. That is a big deal around Seattle. Nine inches of the white stuff at our house. The last week has been a bit difficult. No preschool. No gym class. No playdates (which it seems that nearly every playdate we've had scheduled for the last six weeks or so has been cancelled due to illness on someone's part). The hubby took my car to work every day. Not that I would've gone anywhere anyway, but we were stuck. Cabin fever overload.

I'm sure it didn't help that I am on an increased dose of meds, but not really feeling the full effect yet. It didn't help that Hubby still had to work every day. I tried to remind myself of this when I kept seeing Facebook posts about how people were getting so much accomplished on these snow days -- housecleaning, baking, fun outside, etc; I tried to remember that many of them had an extra set of hands at home all week. It didn't help that the kids were (are) sick. AGAIN.

The hubby took Beanie out for a Daddy-Daughter date today. I took a nice long nap with Bubby. I still have the strong urge to get out of the house by myself for a few hours. Maybe tomorrow? Our neighborhood is still pretty slushy and yucky and yesterday we had difficulty coming up the one side of the hill. The Camry hasn't left the driveway in over a week and it's still covered in a blanket of slushy snow.

I tried to keep in mind that I was feeling quite cooped up and that it was surely harder for the kiddos.

Luckily we've had power the whole time. Quite a few friends have been without power, some for days. So -- knock on wood -- at least we have that.

And it's almost a new week. I'm thinking of deactivating my Facebook account for awhile again. I just feel like I'm stuck in this distracted place. Maybe I just need to set (and enforce) some restrictions after this hectic week and get back to being balanced and where I want to be.


  1. It HAS been a long week! I feel so discombobulated now. Ugh. Looking forward to when I can get outside and run again!

  2. It HAS been a long week! I feel so discombobulated now. Ugh. Looking forward to when I can get outside and run again!

  3. You were certainly not alone. I wasn't getting anything done this week either! (Unless non-stop loads of laundry count?) I was going out of my mind ...

    We finally got out of the house yesterday to run a couple of errands and Alice told us, "This was a really fun day!" I think the kid was feeling pretty cooped up too!

    Here's to a new and better week! :)

  4. I feel the frustration in this post! And I can totally identify. I am stuck at home with no vehicle almost every day, and I cannot wait until we can start walking places again. Winter is tough! Hang in there, mama!

  5. We only have one car so I definitely know that cooped up feeling. I can't make any plans unless J is off or someone else can drive us. It's tough.

    If it makes you feel better I've done very little since New Year's. And we don't have all that much snow.

  6. We had over a foot of snow, and even our snow capable car couldn't get out after the rain started because of the slush. Moira was getting so cranky and even with the extra set of hands, we didn't get much done. I hope your weekend is picking up and you can get out for a bit.

  7. I'm with you, I hate so glad we didn't lose power though! Scotty and I managed to do a little sledding, otherwise we all stayed inside and went a little stir crazy. We finally left on Saturday and came home to the main road we take home being closed (possibly for a month!) due to a mudslide! I hope this is the last of the big storms for the year.

  8. (((((HUGS))))) Hope things are going better! All of us have been sick too...

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