Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pass the granola...

So I am sitting here wondering when exactly did I become what others might refer to as "crunchy?" I guess it was a transformation that took place over time. I was going through the closet packing things up and I came across a lazy suzan-type thing for baby food jars. Obviously I didn't plan on making all my own babyfood when buying that item. I came across a post that I made on an online message board last September where I stated that "I just don't see myself breastfeeding beyond one year" and here we are at 13 1/2months and breastfeeding just as much as ever. I just posted again the other day that I don't see myself nursing beyond 2 years (and right now I really don't) but what will change by that time? I never planned on cosleeping and we have most every night since she was born. I have recently delayed some vaccinations and will probably delay more if/when we have #2. I feel strongly about natural childbirth, and while I respect every mother's right to make her own decision I wish I wouldn't get the "wow! you go girl" reaction or the feeling that people close up about their birth stories when encountered with mine. Yes, it has happened. More than once. I've been pondering buying an amber teething necklace for Beanie & thought about cloth diapering. So, when did this big transformation to crunchiness take place?

Apparently my transformation was complete when I went shopping for purses yesterday. DH described both of the ones I picked out as "hippie purses." lol. I didn't get either one, not because of his comment, but because I am waiting for my sister to get a sample purse for me from Nordstrom. I need something bigger, hopefully something that can fit my and Beanie's stuff in it comfortably. My current purse just isn't cutting it at all anymore. Anyways, here are pics of my "hippie purses."


Our guest bathroom will be remodeled today. Finally, it will be done! We ended up having to hire someone to do the tub but I think it will be worth it because it will be completed today and Hubby can work on other projects. The light at the end of the tunnel is near. And good thing because we found the most amazing house for sale!!! Crossing my fingers it stays on the market a little while, but I don't really is an amazing house and a great price too.


I woke up to the drabbest weather today. It is yucky! I am glad its cooler, but I could really do without the rain. Beanie and I went to the park last night, which we haven't done for awhile. It was fun. I am hoping it clears up so we can go again this afternoon or evening.


My next week is so full of activities. Somethings got to give and I just have to figure out what. We are visiting my dad tomorrow, my mom's group has cool meetups every day this week, and my friend's baby shower is on Saturday. She already had her little guy (12 weeks early) and it will be good to see her at her shower. I guess perhaps a few of my meetups are going to have to go by the wayside. We will see.

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  1. I too have been transforming and have become crunchy somewhere along the way. I NEVER thought I would cosleep, breastfeed past a year, buy a teething necklace, cloth diaper, and delay vaccinations. In fact, I remember making a really dumb comment once (before being pregnant) about my child will NOT get used to sleeping with mom and dad because that's not good for children in the long term. Boy was I wrong! Anyways, I'm finding that being the crunchy type isn't so bad and I'm actually starting to like it!



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