Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Ramblings...


It is funny how people can disappoint you. I write this mostly because it seems to be eating at my hubby, and a little bit at me as well. If you don't know, our other big project (besides parenting a toddler) is remodeling our condo. Hubby has been working at it for months. I try to help, but mostly feel worthless at any of this remodeling stuff as Beanie, as soon as I seem to get started with something, decides that it is Mommy (and no one else) that she wants. I've been trying harder at keeping up with the daily grind, and have been proud of myself somedays & thinking of how much more I could do on others. The disappointment sets in as I think of the help we have gotten. I know it isn't that people have to help us, but it would be nice. When they have needed us we have been there for them. We are busy too, but we make an effort and, in case of an emergency, drop everything to be there. We don't help with the expectation of reciprocation, but when its family it does kind of sting, especially to hubby. I guess you find out who really are your friends are. The people who have helped us are busy as well. I know everyone is busy, but when it comes to family and friends you take the time to help them out when its really needed. Even if its only for an hour, crap even if its only for 20 minutes! Hubby has been working his arse off since March, and all of this on top of working a fulltime job and taking care of me & Beanie. He is an awesome hubby, dad, and person.



Ugh! I thought teething was bad, but molars make it horrible! Beanie is so miserable, and I am too. I'm ready for the darn things to cut through, that's for sure. Speaking of, she is incredibly cranky all of the sudden (getting close to nap time?) so I'll have to cut this blog short....

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  1. I feel the same way. It is funny how much time we put into helping others out and when we could really use a hand...
    It does smart, a little. I have learned not to overextend myself. It is not worth it if it is not reciprocated. That sounds bad but it is what FRIENDSHIP is about.
    Hang in there.


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