Thursday, December 3, 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

Um, nothing.

Seriously. I can't think of much I want. After talking to Sissy and finding out my dad was upset she didn't have a list of "fun things to shop for" (does he think we're still 6 and go through the Toys R Us catalog circling anything and everything??) I tried really hard to come up with a list that included a few things. I didn't get far. Here's what I asked for...

--A gift card to Motherhood Maternity (because I really want a warm comfy sweater for this winter, but I refuse to pay so much for clothes I'm going to wear for like 3 -- maybe 4 -- months.)

--A gift card to a spa (because since I'm pregnant and my hair grows like ten times faster than usual I have to go get my eyebrows waxed like every 3 weeks and, let me tell you, that gets expensive!)

--A gift card to Starbucks (see previous post...I love espresso & am trying to cut down spending)
--A gift card to the craft store (because I am really determined to get caught up on Beanie's scrapbook before Baby 2.0 arrives. Or at least not be 2 years behind.)

--An Ergo (that was my stretch for a "thing" to buy. Not that he'll actually be able to go out and buy it probably unless he's hip on baby wearing shops, but you know, he could have fun shopping online)

I'm not sure if something for Baby 2.0 time even qualifies as a Christmas present for me, but it's all I could think of. Oh, and I think I'll email him and ask for an exercise (read, birthing) ball because my hips hurt like a son of a gun and a friend told me that the ball really helped. Somehow when we moved my exercise ball (apparently along with a lot of other stuff I wouldn't have gotten rid of) was thrown out.

I know he doesn't like buying gift cards, but, come on, I'm thirty. Not twelve. I don't want Hello Kitty chapstick (oh wait, that was Sissy *wink wink*). Glenn & I have decided not to buy each other gifts and just get a few things for the house. You know what I want? A new toilet. I mean, talk about exciting, right? Can we at least put a bow on it?


  1. Seriously! While I'm glad that Dad is telling "Santa" about the refurbished iPod idea I would have been super excited for him to just help me out and pay for some stuff for projects around the house. And seriously, no more Hello Kitty. If he gives me something Hello Kitty I don't know what I'm going to do!

  2. Oh the ergo is the best! Definitely stay on him for that! I got mine used on ebay and it's really cute with butterflies. Lots of luck with #2!


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