Friday, December 18, 2009

I passed!

In case you don't also stalk me on facebook, I wanted to post up and let you all know that I passed the dreaded one-hour glucose tolerance test. *happy dance*

My blood sugar level was 97, which, from what I remember, is more like a good fasting number. Normal for the test is under 130, although I've heard of OB's using 140 or 150 as well.

I can't even convey how excited I am to not have to go on a strict diet & prick my finger four times a day to test my blood sugar. That said, I am trying to stick to my higher protein/lower carb eating. Well, except for yesterday when Beanie and I made some muffins (I was really craving a baked goodie!) and I managed to consume about five of them. Then, about 3pm I was wondering why I was so starving. I guess the five cranberry orange muffins I had for lunch just didn't cut it!


  1. I passed mine too. Frankly I was pretty surprised. I try my best but I have to admit I take a lot of sugar in my diet. I didn't do the yucky drink, but a post-prandial, and my number was way below the limit. Bullets dodged all around.

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