Friday, December 11, 2009

Glucola take me away.

(Since Beanie has decided it's awesome to wake up at like 6 or 6:15 every morning this week, I'm taking a moment to blog while I wake up.)

First breakfast is down. Luna bar. In about 45minutes Beanie and I will make "real" breakfast and have some eggs. Snack time will be some fruit and cottage cheese. And lunch, as I said yesterday will be salad with grilled chicken.

So, if you don't know how this whole glucose test thing works let me enlighten you. Basically the doc gives you a bottle (which I *swear* is at least twice as big as it was last time around) of the most disgusting, putrid tasting drink you can imagine. Glucola. Think super sugary orange pop syrup -- no carbonation. Some docs have you fast before the 1hr test, some do not (that I do not understand...shouldn't there be some sort of uniformity??). So either you're drinking this stuff on an empty stomach (horrible) or not. Everything I've researched has said that the 1hr glucose test is not a fasting test, so I really have no idea why some OB's do it that way. Anyways, your best bet is to pop the bottle in the freezer for about 15 minutes and then plug your nose and down it like it was a shot of vodka. Except it's like 12x larger than a shot of vodka and tastes gross. Last time I downed almost the whole bottle in one shot...I hope I'm as lucky this time around too.

So basically this little bottle of glucola has more sugar than any sane person would consume in one sitting. Then they test you to check your blood sugar levels. So, for all intents and purposes, it makes sense to watch what you eat beforehand. Last time around the OB told me to eat normally. I had my then-normal breakfast of cereal, yogurt, and fruit and then drank the glucola and went to take my test. I failed by one point. Talk about carb overload. This time I was happy to see that my OB advised that eating a meal high in carbs beforehand could influence the result. See, so it's not cheating to eat a smart meal beforehand! So there.

Anyway, continue to cross your fingers for me! I'd really like to avoid having an officially diagnosed (whether mis-diagnosed or not) pregnancy complication this time around!
In line with the changes I am trying to make this month(a more in-depth blog coming on that soon, I promise!) it's time to get offline. And turn off the TV.


  1. did you do??

  2. I haven't got them yet. They did a blood draw instead of a finger poke. The results should come in the mail they said. Lame! I may call tomorrow and see if I can find out.

    Wish i would've taken my dang blood sugar when I got home. I still have all my old equip...the strips are expired, but, who knows, they may have still worked.


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