Monday, December 28, 2009

And somewhat cooler heads prevail...

Just thought I'd post up quickly now that I'm not all hormonal, tired from work and uncaffeinated. Okay, I'm still uncaffeinated but the rest is a-okay.

I don't really care whether or not the inlaws come in April or May. Seems I don't have much say in it anyways. Lord knows you can't predict when the baby will be here anyways. He may come mid-March and he may be here mid-April. There's no planning when he'll come; for the most part he is running the show in that department.

I do feel bad that the inlaws are going to stay with Glenn's brother, but they did offer and I don't exactly know their reasoning or motives so I can't worry about it. Glenn sort of feels like now we should try to split time or something, but he has very mixed feelings about it. I don't want to feel like we have to change our decision based on the decisions others have made. But, I do feel bad. And maybe a little guilty. I'm trying to get over it. Because I do feel very strongly (both of us have all along) that we don't want anyone staying with us after Baby 2.0 arrives. I'm trying to be understanding of Glenn's mixed emotions and we're trying to talk about it all.

I've asked some friends for advice and it's interesting to get some perspective from people outside the situation. It's always interesting to see how different people's personalities affect how they would react to a certain situation.


On a totally random note, for the second week in a row I have spent just about 60 bucks on groceries. It's really amazing how much money we can save when we plan out our meals for the week. This week we are having beans & rice, pork chops & polenta, soft tacos, spaghetti (our New Year's Eve tradition), marinated chicken & roasted red potatoes, and ribs. Throw in a few salads and some veggies as side dishes and we're set. Beanie and I are also going to make our first recipe from the Deceptively Delicious cookbook -- the lemon blueberry muffins (they have yellow squash puree in them). We've had them before when a friend made them and they were delicious! I'm going to try to start baking at least once a week with Beanie as part of our Tot School time.


Tomorrow morning we are picking up my Sissy at the train station. We are going to try and get there early so Beanie can see the train. She was very upset that she didn't get to see the train last week when we sent Sissy off to Montana. In fact, she wanted to take the train to Montana with her Auntie. lol.

Well, good night. It's time for some crafts and then the Good Night show....

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